The Ultimate Semester

Posted: June 9, 2013 by Jinkchak in RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories
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The final countdown began in January, 2013 AD. February came and went. March marched away. We caught but a fleeting glimpse of April. And May – it was closer to the end. Now, it’s June and time for the final curtain call.

Well, what can I say! I can’t believe that the time, when I would find myself typing out the last end-of-semester article, has finally arrived. So, here goes nothing! What happened during these last few months? You might have already guessed what I’m about to say: “Sit down if you aren’t already, and let me tell you a tale like none you have ever heard before”.


one last timeKnowing that we, the final year students, would be doing things for, perhaps, the very last time in RVCE; we entered our final semester with heavy hearts, armed with minds inclined to participate in fruitful and fruitless activities such as attending classes; bunking classes; going late to class and the ‘No attendance or stand outside the class’ kind of late; playing with phones in class; sleeping in class; playing Holi; studying for internals; working on or copying assignments; taking photos in class; eating chikkis, and bun-cheese-chips-chinese-samosa-cup-noodles combo meals from the canteens; having long discussions about any topic under the Sun; studying for internals and externals; borrowing books from the library only to make photocopies of them in the Xerox Centre; project work; seminars; taking printouts opposite college; celebrating various occasions, sometimes for no rhyme or reason, in places in and around college – Hotel Dreamland, Kadamba, Cool corner, Laxmi Juice and Chats (the spelling mistake is intentional), Ande ka funda, Rolls Corner, Gopalan Arcade, etc.; birthday bumps; paying fines with challans; travelling in the college bus without a valid bus-pass; playing in the old and new sports complexes (which were extremely complex affairs, indeed); random walks in the campus; and anything else that might have slipped my mind.

Someone clicked this pic just before leaving an exam hall.

Someone clicked this pic just before leaving an exam hall.

At the stroke of the seventeenth hour (give or take a few minutes) of June 3rd, 2013 AD, most final year students had replaced the caps on their pens, closed their answer sheets after filling them with sense and nonsense, got up from their seats (some of which were absolutely uncomfortable) and departed from their respective exam halls (in different corners of RVCE)…Did they look back? Well, some of them did, knowing that it was perhaps the very last time they would be in this situation again. Were they happy or sad? Well, that’s really hard to tell…

gopalan arcadeTo save myself the trouble of constructing a new paragraph to explain what we did to celebrate this merry (but somewhat poignant) occasion, I’ll reuse a paragraph from a previous “End-Of-Semester” article: Continuing our unspoken tradition, to celebrate this memorable occasion, we made our way to McDonald’s at Gopalan Arcade. Alas! For the fourth time in the history of Jinkchak, some of us failed to catch a flick. Some compensated for this terrible loss by catching a flick a few days later (In most cases, this flick happened to be none other than “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”). Others weren’t so fortunate.

So, what exactly did we all do in our final semester?


For one, we had to attend class only twice a week – yup, you read that right! Twice a week, and the real icing on the cake was the fact that these two days were half days. To top it all, there were students who preferred not to grace even these classes with their presence! Many students had lesser attendance than even the dog shown in the photo. Won’t you ask me how many theory subjects we had? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. We had two. Two! After getting used to at least 6 theory subjects per semester, 2 subjects in our final semester was a blessing in disguise.

Intellectual Property Rights (or IPR, as it was “fondly” called) – was one of the subjects we were forced to study, if memory serves me right. If memorizing laws wasn’t your cup of tea, then woe unto thee! The other one was our Global Elective. Don’t even get me started about how we had to select our global electives – brrrr…it still gives me the creeps! Come to think of it, I don’t really need to get started…In fact, everything you need to know regarding the selection process, has been highlighted in these articles by yours truly:

  1. The Jinkchak Survival Guide to Selecting Global Electives in RVCE
  2. RVCE Log 2013.02.07 – The Global Elective Selection Saga Terminates

This semester saw the return of KiloByte – one of the best teachers of RVCE CSE. As luck would have it, KiloByte taught us IPR! Now, if you’re a regular reader of Jinkchak, you might already be familiar with his name, his deeds and his proverbs. The reason for such familiarity can be ascribed to the fact that KiloByte taught us 4 different subjects in our tenure at RVCE CSE. At times like these, it is usually Jinkchak’s custom to share Proverbs, but this time, I thought I’d try something different since KiloByte’s Proverbs have already been emphasized in previous end-of-semester articles.

He made a lecture on data structures
differ from plain old lectures.
Without him, the stack and the queue
would have been harder to construe.

Microprocessors and Assembly language –
we believed it was all unnecessary baggage,
until, to us, he taught it
with so much passion and wit.

He also taught us Unix
and he taught us so many tricks.
With every demonstration and assignment,
our minds overflowed with so much excitement.

Creations of the mind,
with IPR, he redefined.
KiloByte is his nickname
and teaching is his game.

Oh…I almost forgot to mention that he held our very last official class in RVCE (CSE). Speaking of farewells, remind me not to forget to thank my juniors for throwing a fabulous farewell party. Oh! Wait a minute! Didn’t I already thank them…let me check…yup, I did, and you can verify this fact by going here: So Long, Farewell.

rvce cse hod farewell suits sarees

The “official” Farewell Function, organized for us by the staff of RVCE, was a different story altogether and justified the necessity of a stand-alone article, so to speak, that can be found here: The End is Nigh.

sweatshirtTo mark this occasion, Akon (our ex-placement coordinator) took the initiative of making sweatshirts for the class of 2013 of RVCE CSE. After heated discussions in our class group on Whatsapp, a design was finally decided upon, and the sweatshirts were stitched and distributed.

But wait…I’m drifting. What was I revealing to you? Oh yes! I was telling you about our subjects. The global elective was a completely different ball game altogether. According to the rule book, one has to choose a subject that is taught by a department other than one’s own. Renewable Energy Sources and Green Technology were the most sought after, by those who wished to have no issues with attendance shortage, considering that each class was held for a time period of two hours! Sitting continuously in class for 1 hour itself was a pain…sitting for 2 hours without a break?! Well, that would be nothing short of excruciating.

global electives

On many occasions, a conversation with a student who had chosen Bioinformatics (Tony Stark, for instance), would always be along these lines:

let off


Click to enlarge image

Rumour has it that those who chose Advanced Mathematics had to be as punctual as an atomic clock, for if one arrived to class a minute or two after the stroke of the hour, then one would have to find other ways of recreation in places outside the classroom. Contrary to popular belief, the few who had chosen Java proclaimed that their teacher wasn’t the ill-tempered assignment-bequeathing Nazi that most students had been led to believe. My sources informed me that they received attendance for two hours even if they arrived 1.5 hours late. One chap was so overjoyed with the way the class was handled by the instructor that he/she wrote a letter of appreciation (anonymously) to the instructor, on the Piazza group at

jinkchakProverbs! Oh my goodness! How many memories they bring back! The very first article published on Jinkchak was based on Proverbs. Now, it might come as rather a shock to you, but I can withhold it no longer. I have no more Proverbs to share with you! It’s over! Finished! At the rate at which we attended classes, it would be nothing short of miraculous if one managed to gather proverbs at all. I guess my previous end-of-semester article was the last one that contained Proverbs. I should’ve known. If you, reader, have any proverbs to share, be my guest and share them in the comments section, and I’ll add them here…

Wait…wait…Don’t go…I have so much more to tell you, reader. Please stay! If you want, take a break for five minutes and come back to read the rest of my story.


Welcome back! I hope the short intermission allowed you to rejuvenate. Now, allow me to continue with my tale.

Now the most logical question that might pop into your mind might be: “What the hell were we doing during the rest of the week, if we came to college only twice a week?” Well, I’m so glad you asked! The answer would be: “It depends.” Let me explain.

InternshipSome had internships to attend, 3 days a week. Depending on the place of work, some had hectic schedules; some decided to put high-speed internet connections in their offices to good use by downloading pirated movies, the consequences of which are left to your imagination; others had to find work to do; some even had to search for chairs to sit on; some even chose to continue their modus operandi of bunking (and sometimes, mass bunking) office too, but that’s a story for another article.

Apart from internships, students who weren’t interning (and some who were), utilized these three days (or five days, if you count the weekends…or wait…seven days, if one chose not to attend classes at all) for various purposes such as outings to a number of places like Skandagiri, Nandi Hills, Savanadurga and Madikeri.


IMG-20130520-WA0005But wait a minute? Aren’t you wondering why RVCE (a college that seizes every opportunity to cut short our holidays) held classes for us only twice a week? Had RVCE seen the light at last, and pitied our plight? Well, truth be told, they didn’t. We were supposed to go to college during those three days too. Only those who were interning were off the hook. In fact, according to the rules set down by the powers that be, these three days were set aside for project work. The number of students who abided by this rule was lesser than the number of coins returned as change by the cashiers in the main canteen.

Project work? Did I say Project work? Goodness gracious me! What an experience! I could tell you all about it, right here, right now. But then, I wouldn’t have anything to write about in my future articles, would I? Suffice to say, by May, project work had us running around college, with the objective of obtaining approvals and autographs on our reports. Stay tuned for my article on Project work, in the not too distant future.

confessionsWhat else did we do? Well, there were some who spent these days reading confessions and confessing themselves. Oh yes! RVCE hadn’t failed to jump on the “Confessions” bandwagon that had taken Facebook by storm. RVCE had its very own Confession pages (note the plural form), for you see, RVCE wasn’t satisfied with just one confession page. No siree! When the craze first hit RVCE, confession pages started popping up like nobody’s business! 3 or 4 pages called RVCE Confessions. If that wasn’t enough, there were RVCE Love Confessions, RVCE Proposals, RVCE Compliments and even RVCE Faking Confessions and Condiments! A few confessions were interesting to read. Others were plain humbug. Some confessions led to heated arguments that had never been witnessed before, in the history of mankind. Topics ranged from current affairs to love affairs. Whatever the case may be, one thing was certain – students of RVCE were confessing left, right and centre. After the craze died down, was the last Confession page standing with more than 400 confessions (and counting) to its credit. In other news, a page proclaiming to be “a platform to showcase the unique and interesting personalities and things of the college” was founded, and it goes by the name of RVCE Noteworthy.

edusparcIn other news, Faking NEWS @ RVCE continued filling our news feeds with…uhmmm…fake news (and pics of the day for a short while), which kept getting better as time went by. The Prism of Life broke the promise they had made in this article – , by not publishing anything in the month of March. However, they more than made up for it by publishing a multitude of articles in the months that followed. RVCE Connect was rechristened to Edusparc-RVCE, for reasons I cannot fathom. Meanwhile, on February 14th, 2013, some final year students of RVCE CSE released an app on Facebook, called iLike (, which claimed to “Anonymously find friends who have a crush on you”. I wonder what Saint Valentine would have said, had he seen this app. In the meantime, RV Memes continued trolling RVCE. This concludes the section on the RVCE Social Network scene.

work or studyNow, coming back to the question, What else did we do? Well now, let me see. Many of us used to spend these days reminiscing about our life at RVCE. How we used to diligently listen in class in first year; how we had first met; the funny moments; the sad moments; the indescribable moments! How had time passed by so quickly? Or had it? What did the future hold in store for us? “Work or higher studies?” – this was a common question in many students’ minds.

final countdownOne maniac got it into his head that our final moments in RVCE should be captured for posterity. What did he do, you ask? He began clicking photos of every possible name, place, animal, thing (remember this game?) in RVCE. Do you recall those strange photo albums with names like The Final Countdown v8.0, v8.1, etc., uploaded by Rvce Cse on Facebook? Most of them belong to this guy.

In what other way did we utilize our time? Starring in and directing movies. Seriously…I ain’t kidding. Here’s one short movie made by a few jobless folks who didn’t have anything better to while away their time.

seminar hallYou might be getting bored out of your wits, so let me now change the subject under discussion. April, 2013 AD will go down in history as the month of Seminars. After selecting topics in the month of March (on a first-come, first-served basis), students were bestowed with the responsibility of finding IEEE papers on the chosen topic. The general tendency was to choose a topic based on the guide. For some, it was no big deal. However, for those who had to choose only from the left-over scraps, scavenging the Internet for good material proved to be a really daunting task. Initially, a neat schedule was laid out, consisting of two phases. Somehow, these two phases were merged into one, which meant that we had to present our seminar only once, at the end of April. Whether this was done for the benefit of the teachers or the students is a matter of utmost speculation. Let’s fast forward to the day on which we presented our work to a panel of judges, comprising members of the faculty, some of whom were least bothered about what we had to say. Needless to say, even one’s own peers didn’t bat an eyelid when one presented on-stage. Apparently, they were too engrossed in their own preparations to be bothered about the others. At times, questions were asked just for the heck of it. Don’t even get me started about our reports. I won’t speak anymore about this topic, since I think the following slideshow (made by Super Mario) does a pretty good job of explaining what I had in mind.

Seminars in RVCE (Final Year) from Rvce Cse

certificatesNow, let’s peek at the month of May. The end was nigh. In the midst of all our woes, we were informed that we had to submit all certificates we had acquired, over the past four years, to our respective counselors in order to get credits for a subject called HSS. I have forgotten the full form of this acronym, but that seems to be the least of my worries now. It had something to do with all the extra-curricular activities we had participated in. Anyway, certificates were retrieved (or manufactured) by hook or by crook; rules were changed and grades were allocated based on the certificates obtained over any two years that the candidate chose. All in all, everyone was pleased when this matter finally drew to a close.

Recently, I chanced upon an interesting story related to HSS. Some guy (whom we’ll call Popeye, for the time-being) had published a paper in an international journal. (Publications in International Journals improves one’s grade by a huge margin). Another guy, who goes by the name of Devil Ronny, was his teammate. Apparently, Devil Ronny didn’t budge a finger to help Popeye in any matter related to this publication. Popeye had even shelled out some cash for the publication, and Ronny didn’t even bother to clear his debt. Hours became days. Days became weeks. Weeks turned into months. When the time for HSS evaluation finally arrived, Devil Ronny finally woke up and knocked on Popeye’s door (figuratively). He convinced Popeye that he’d repay the money after he obtained his grade, thanking Popeye profusely for his help. His words were: “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for your paper today.” Well, Tuesday arrived and poof…just like that, it was gone; Devil Ronny obtained a grade he didn’t deserve but no debt was cleared. So, Devil Ronny, if you’re reading this (I’m sure you aren’t), Popeye asked me to inform you that if you don’t repay him…

birthdayMeanwhile, Jinkchak celebrated the third year of its existence with much fervor. The placement season continued as usual, with appointments and disappointments. Off-campus placement was the new kid on the block. Apart from that, I cannot seem to recall any other incidents that are worthy of your attention.

finalFast forward to the present. It’s now June, 2013 AD. We wrote our last exam on June 3rd. In the days leading up to the “final” final exam, I guess most of us weren’t really in the mood to study. Some of us were confused. The end was finally here. To be happy or not to be happy, that was the question, and I’m afraid there really wasn’t any solid answer. After the exam was over, students bid each other farewell, wondering if they would meet the other person again (if at all). It was a grave moment and one that will never be forgotten. The most common question being asked was, “When is your joining date?” This date determined how many holidays one would have before one began one’s journey down a new chapter of life (job or higher studies).

I know this has been rather a long article, and I do apologize for taking up so much of your time. But I couldn’t help it. After all, I’m not sure when I’ll get another opportunity to write so much, considering that there are no more semesters left to enjoy in RVCE. I tried my best to arrange the segments constituting this post in chronological order, all to no avail. If the statuses (many of which did a remarkable job of taking us down memory lane), written by final year students and appearing in your News Feed on Facebook, are anything to go by, it’s all over! I’m done here. I have finished what I had to say…but wait…I still find it hard coming to terms with the fact that it’s all over. Well, it’ll be quite some time before I accept this fact – until then, Jinkchak will continue churning out articles that may or may not suit your fancy. You know why this ain’t over, folks? Because I ain’t finished yet! So, stay tuned!

Did I just contradict myself? Let me depart before I confuse your good self or myself any further. 😛 Adios! Until we meet again…

not the end

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    Awesome Boss!

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    As always i liked before reading your article.. that is the kind of confidence i have in you.. i ll comment again after reading 🙂

  3. kushal30 says:

    i am commenting again after reading 🙂 nothing much to say apart from “All good things end”

  4. Murari (You know me :P) says:

    Adios Amigos! I will miss you.

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