The Hostel Diaries: Just Another Morning

Posted: June 1, 2013 by Jinkchak in RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories
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caed book rvceI’ll never get over her!” I said to myself, and the truth of that statement settled into my brain the way silence settles in an RV classroom after the teacher refuses to mark attendance. It made me accept the fact that I was trapped in bed between my half-ton roommate and the wall, when she rolled over on to my nightgown and passed out to sleep, leaving no way for me to climb out.

Gathering composure, I whispered gently, “Wake up sweetie pie, breakfast’s ready…..”

No response…Damn! So, I spoke in a sugar coated voice, “I am so sorry, but I think I spilt Coffee on Your CAED work book!” 


She woke up startled; pleased, I made my way to the washroom(s), pausing only to glance at the time – 6 AM …..The stalls were empty; typical for any Monday morning – somehow, on a Monday morning, personal Hygiene never seems to be the top priority in a gal’s life. (Well there is always CAED, Data sheets …..Ah, you get the Idea …).

ketziotprison2Breakfast seemed to be the usual soggy rubbery poories. Placed on my plate were a few hundred thousand Calories. I felt rich (sarcasm is an essential necessity if one has to survive in college). Well, come to think of it …we had a 7-foot barbed compound, security guards, IDs, daily and constant scrutiny – even our own private ‘cells’. Add to this the prison standard food offered! All we needed were a few security-cameras and we would officially be prisoners. For reasons best not discussed, I winked at the security guard and proceeded to trudge along the cobbled up-hill path to reach the bus.

rvce college busThe bus stood in all its glory of stained windows and pre-historic brake systems. It welcomed inmates with an occasional groan and creak. A quarter to 9, my watch read. Nope…No sign of our dear warden! Now the estrogen-filled bus appeared to be generating more decibels than a few fire brigades put together.

warden8:50: With partially dry hair spread out in her trademark style, our warden arrived at last! Clutching a tiffin box as if her life depended on it, she heaved a not so graceful sigh as she sat on her coveted front seat.  Whew! Life is tough when you have to walk 100 meters to sit in a bus, right folks?

“Sorry!” “Pardon me” “OOPS! were words unknown to her cerebrum, I guess! Two girls balancing record books and sprinting to Olympian standards rushed inside, out of breath and as apologetic as they were, words of wisdom poured out of our warden’s mouth: What ma? You don’t know the Bus time?

Better-Late-Than-Never-Watch1Sorry ma’am,” one of them managed to blurt out. Some of the girls nodded in sympathy while others chose to stare at the now sober warden. Perhaps they hoped that somehow an invisible radiation would emanate from their stares that would penetrate her skull and induce some enlightenment about the basic fact – “Puh-lease! What about YOU??

A sense of relief flooded our minds as the bus engine woke up from hibernation. Wow!

8:53: Awesome! We could make it! Yeah we would still be late, all right, but not the ‘No attendance or stand outside the class’ kind of late. Just another morning for an RV Hostelite…

That’s all folks! (For now…)

Written by
You Know Who

(Yup…you read that right! It’s not me…yeah ME! Say hello to the Newest Kid on the Block who also happens to be an avid reader of the Jinkchak Blog)

  1. I am so sorry, but I think I spilt Coffee on Your CAED work book…….Epic Work, you know who………..she who must not be named would hv been a better name………………..

  2. Raul says:

    “we would still be late, all right, but not the ‘No attendance or stand outside the class’ kind of late”.

    That is the perfect kind of being late; the kind that every RVite eventually perfects by the time he’s in 3rd year.

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