So Long, Farewell

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There’s a sad sort of clanging
From the clock in the hall
And the bells in the steeple, too
And up in the nursery
An absurd little bird
Is popping out to say coo-coo

-The Sound of Music (1965)

Nostalgia. Speeches. Quizzes. Snickers. Awards. Pizzas. Coca-Cola. GoPub. Intellectual Property Rights. KB. Why did I just write a bunch of seemingly random words, you ask? Well, that’s because they form an integral part of the last two (official (- note this word)) working days of our last semester at RVCE CSE. Curious? Well, be my guest and, yup, you guessed it – sit down (if you aren’t already) and let me tell you a tale like none you have ever heard before.

17On May 2nd, 2013 AD, if you had happened to enter the IEM auditorium some time after 3:00 PM, you would have found most of the final year students of RVCE CSE seated within. You would have also noticed the CS HOD on the dais, seated along with a few other teachers of RVCE CSE.

“What is going on here?” might have been the first question that would have popped into your mind. “Did they mass-bunk again? Are their internals going to be cancelled again?”

Rvce HOD SrinathWell, let’s take a closer look. What you have just witnessed is the beginning of the farewell party for the final year students (the seniors, so to speak), put together by the 3rd year students of RVCE CSE (the juniors, so to speak). The IEM Auditorium – the same venue where all of us had attended RVCE’s orientation program way back in 2009 AD…

The party began with the HOD and a few teachers sharing a few words of wisdom with all of us. Following that, a few final year students were asked to come on-stage and share a few of their memories pertaining to the four years farewell speeches - Copythey had spent at RVCE. These memories encompassed various topics such as mass bunks; faculty members; friendships made over the years; how we were all blessed to have a HOD who was so unlike the dreaded Mr. Khodanpur; and a whole lot of other stuff that I have forgotten (inadvertently, of course) to mention. A student – whom we’ll call Jimmy Neutron for the time being – took the initiative of sharing two suggestions related to the way labs and lab exams were organized by our college.

harish sirOne student – whom we’ll call Jeffrey Archer (for reasons best left unknown) – drew our attention to Harish sir. Everyone in the auditorium was asked to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of this energetic, fun-loving and highly-unforgettable teacher, who was taken from us so suddenly but whose memory will always remain etched in our minds forever. May his soul rest in peace! The host of this party (a 6th semester student whose name I didn’t catch) informed us that we owed the very idea of a farewell party to Harish sir…

18After this wave of nostalgia and farewell speeches passed by, it was time for a new activity. The dignitaries on the stage, left; the projector was turned on and soon a PowerPoint presentation suddenly appeared out of thin air. It turns out that our juniors had put together a “Kweezzzzz” for us seniors – and not just any “Kweezzzzz”. It was a “Kweezzzzz” about our college. Those who wished to answer had to raise their hands. The prizes ranged from a fictional Mercedes Benz to a bar of Snickers. The questions were varied, tricky and well-framed, ranging from fests to the field to the canteens. I, for one, didn’t know the answers to most of them – What a disgrace! We were also asked to identify teacher’s voices from sound recordings – and these were not ordinary recordings – they were recordings of teachers singing!! Unfortunately, HKK’s voice wasn’t among them – maybe it was because his voice would have been the easiest to identify, if you know what I mean. Much to our delight, Tapia came to our rescue by doing a remarkable impression of HKK.

placement coordinators

unreal awardsThe quiz was followed by an award ceremony. Out of all the awards presented, the most notable were the “Unreal Awards”. Students who were considered to be the most silent, most talkative, most sleepy, and most obedient were awarded, not to mention the best hackers and best mass-bunk initiators.

Now, after the aforementioned award ceremony was complete, we were all treated to a short 10-minute documentary (if I’m permitted to call it so). It contained photos (most of which, I am happy to say, were taken from Rvce Cse’s photo album on Facebook without my permission – don’t worry, I won’t press charges)rvce cse interspersed with pre-recorded clips of our teachers sharing their words of wisdom and memories with us, and wishing us the very best in all our future endeavours. KiloByte, Bullet, Donald, VH, Fuzzy and a few other teachers I might have inadvertently forgotten to mention, starred in this documentary – A highly memorable one indeed.

As the last few seconds of this documentary played out, our juniors placed a huge sheet of paper on the dais. After the video ended, we (the seniors) were asked to write anything and everything on that paper. And that’s exactly what we did!! Needless to say, even Jinkchak’s name was written there, and there it will always remain forever…


IMG_0008After a few group photos were taken, each one of us began to slowly depart from the auditorium. But wait…the party hadn’t come to an end yet, for just a few feet from the entrance of the auditorium, Domino Pizza boxes were being distributed. Yummy! When I received a coupon at 3 PM, on which the words “Oota Maadi” were written, I never expected Pizzas! We even received unlimited coke. Few lucky souls even got 1 liter bottles each. And to top it all, it turned out that extra pizzas had been ordered – we wasted no time in getting additional pizzas.

dominos pizza - Copy

coca cola fizzWhile we ate, we posed for even more group photos. Those lucky souls who had managed to get 1 liter bottles weren’t satisfied yet. They bestowed upon themselves the task of vigorously shaking these bottles before opening them. And they chose to release its contents just at the spot where group photos were being taken (the steps in front of the Biotech building). A few escaped; others got drenched; at one point in time, even the culprit’s plan backfired (literally) and he got drenched (he got a taste of his own deed, so to speak).

group photo rvce

go pubFor some, the farewell party didn’t end here, for right after the Coca-Cola fiasco, they headed to GoPub in Gopalan Arcade. What did they do there? Well, I’ll leave that to your vivid imaginations…

All in all, it was an unforgettable party, and one that we (seniors) will never ever forget. Thank you so much, Juniors! We’re touched! 🙂



iprFast forward to the morning of May 3rd, 2013 AD. This was no ordinary day – in fact, it was the day on which we would attend classes for the very last time in RVCE (for some students, it would be the very last (official) class of their lives). The first class that began at 9:00 AM was our global elective class. Assignments had to be shown in class. However, most students bunked anyway. The class I wish to draw your attention to is not this class but the class that began at around 11:30 AM – the final IPR class.

k badrinathWhat made this class so special was the fact that it was held by THE best teacher of the CS department – KiloByte – a teacher who had taught most of us for 4 semesters and some for 3. I’ve never come across a teacher who is as dedicated to his work as he is. I’m sure the memories of his classes will stay with us forever.

A few days prior to the day of which I speak, KB had taken the trouble and effort to ask a few students of our class to organize a few fun-filled events to make our last class special and unforgettable. On the eve of this fateful day, one of the organizers sent the following mail to all students of our class:

Hey Folks,

Badri sir has requested everyone to be present in the class tomorrow. It will be the final class of our engineering life and he has planned some events for all of us. The class is at 11:30. Also, he will be finalising the internal marks.


Vaishakh B N 

Most of us reached the venue by around 11:45 AM. After waiting for a while, KB started off our final class with a few inspirational words of wisdom he had come across over the years, while traveling to destinations unknown.

last classAfter this, KB announced the results of the essay competition held almost a week ago, and the winners were asked to read their essays out loud. Once that was done, we were asked to cast our votes in favour of the winning essay – perhaps KB thought that this would provide adequate preparation for the local elections that would be held a few days later! To save time, the secret ballot method wasn’t adhered to, and votes were cast by raising one’s hands. One student, known as Bond James, didn’t wish to discriminate between anyone – so, he raised his hand for every candidate. Remarkable indeed!

IMG_0010The elections were succeeded by a quiz about IPR concepts, organized by Super Mario and Illok, with 1 mark for every right answer and -1/4 for every wrong one. Each team contained two members. Suffice to say, after 10 questions, 3 winning teams qualified for the next round, out of which the top 2 teams won.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one thing. While the quiz was going on in full swing, the HOD chose to enter and witness the proceedings of this event along with KB, who was sitting along with the students (Did I forget to mention that just before the quiz commenced, KB said to us, “Today, I’m a student.”?); and remained until the programme ended.

IMG_0016The next event on the menu was a Prezi prepared by yours truly, showing why IPR is a necessary evil. I doubt if anyone understood any of it. Thanks to the sunlight streaming in through the curtain-less windows directly onto the projection screen, and the lack of good speakers, no one except the HOD was able to enjoy the cartoon about IPR that was shown at the end of the presentation.


This disastrous “Prezi”tation was followed by an award ceremony in which the winners of the quiz and the creator of the aforementioned Prezi were rewarded.

IMG_0055Now came the most important part – the grand finale! For the next hour and a half, students came forward to share their experience in RVCE during the past four years – those who didn’t get the opportunity of sharing their memories during the farewell party the previous evening, came forward and shared them now. Memories were shared in both English and Kannada. (Even The Jinkchak Blog was mentioned once or twice, and my cover was blown). In the midst of all this, a student (fondly known as Nitya) entreated us to actively cast our votes on May 5th, 2013 AD.


time_flies_by_janussyndicateIt’s hard to fathom that the end is approaching. How did time fly by so quickly…or did it? Well, the end ain’t here yet and if you thought this was Jinkchak’s farewell speech, then you were mistaken. There are a few more articles in the works and you’ll have the pleasure of reading them in the weeks that follow, because I’m not done with writing yet. Should I be happy or sad? I know not…

Until we meet again, “Adieu to you and you and you…”

Written by,
Me…yeah ME!

Disclaimer: All photos in this article are the properties of their respective owners.

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