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How had that happened? How did they catch up? How did they find him?

To jump or not to jump, that was the question. The effect would be the same, but the means would be different. Now, it all boiled down to one thing – choosing the lesser of the two evils.

Michael made his decision and he knew that it was a point of no return.

What was happening here? Was Michael in some mythical universe? What was this place? Who was that guy standing next to his table, staring at Michael as if…


Earlier that day;
9:00 AM RVST (RV Standard Time = IST ± 1 hour)
bus stop

idcardAlex Mahone, Michael Scofield and T-bag alighted from bus no. 226, at the bus stop near the entrance of RVCE. As the three of them made their way to RVCE’s front gate, each one fumbled around with the contents of his backpack, in pursuit of his beloved dog-tag…I mean, ID-card. By the time they reached the gate, all of them had located their dog-tags, much to the satisfaction of the security guard scrutinizing all those who chose to pass through the gates of RVCE. As they plodded ahead, they could hear some poor soul being reprimanded by the aforementioned security guard for not possessing an ID card about his person.

rvce entranceAs they walked straight ahead, Michael couldn’t help but notice that parts of the road were covered with some strange colours. Pondering over the peculiarity of what he had just perceived, he continued walking with his companions. A small nudge made him snap out of his reverie and he found that they had reached the spot in front of the notice board located opposite the Kriya Kalpa museum – yes, that very same notice board that is noticed by students mostly when they have to figure out the venues of their showdown with SEEs (semester-end exams).

rvce junction

rvce notice board“I have to complete my record. Catch you guys later!” said Alex, as he turned left and continued on his way to the CS department.

“Well, we have a long day in front of us. Hopefully…” Michael couldn’t complete his sentence, for at that very moment, he caught sight of “them”. “They” were near the newly-renovated Civil Department and “they” weren’t walking – No! “They” were running towards Michael and his gang.

At first, he thought it was his imagination, but on blinking his eyes twice, his worst fears were confirmed. The peculiar colours that he had seen a few minutes earlier, suddenly made sense. Why hadn’t he thought of it earlier? These people were …infected (no other word seemed appropriate at the time) and it could very well mean that Michael and his two companions were the last-surviving …un-infected students inside the campus.

The moment this realization dawned upon him, Michael yelled at the top of his voice: “LOOK OUT! HERE THEY COME! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”


Everyone went haywire! Each one scurried away in different directions. It was every man for himself – survival of the fittest, so to speak.

crcT-Bag found himself running in the direction of the EC department the moment he heard Michael’s scream. For some reason, T-Bag decided against entering the department. He eliminated the classroom complex from his list of choices, and decided to head down the stairs leading towards the junction between the chemical and the telecom departments. With his pursuers hot on his heels, he made a split-second decision of going towards the library instead of turning left and going towards the mini-canteen.

BranchHis pursuers were gaining on him. As he ran, he heard a loud sound overhead. He looked up and found a branch hurtling towards him. With a sudden burst of energy, he dashed forward and barely escaped being crushed. His pursuers slowed down.

T-Bag reached the library and just as he paused to catch his breath, he caught sight of some freshly “infected beings” coming from the paths leading to the mini-canteen and the Architecture block. T-Bag’s only ray of hope lay in the path leading to the newly-restructured Xerox centre. Fortunately, the Xerox centre was empty (contrary to how it is during exam time when it is jam-packed with people taking copies of text books, notebooks, notes and any sheet of paper that will ensure good grades in exams).

T-Bag entered the Xerox Centre and ran up the flight of stairs that led to the Browsing Centre – perhaps he thought that his pursuers would be repulsed by the slow internet speeds and viruses that lay within its walls (sounds like a strange reason, but T-Bag’s mind worked in mysterious ways). When he was halfway through the second flight of stBrowsing Centre Wall copyairs, T-Bag stopped in his tracks, dumbfounded. Right there, at the top of the staircase, was a wall…you read that right, a WALL!

“Who constructs a wall in such a place? No one in his or her right mind! Or is this a conspiracy?” wondered T-Bag, out loud.

By this time, his pursuers had caught up with him and T-Bag surrendered without putting up a fight…


Meanwhile, mini canteenon hearing Michael’s yell, Alex ran at top-speed towards the CS department, but halfway through, decided to head towards the mini-canteen (also known as the bun-cheese-chips-samosa canteen). However, he was stopped in his tracks by what he saw before him. The entire vicinity was crawling with infected people and those who were about to be infected.

leading to mini canteencs deptAlex decided that seeking refuge in the CS department wasn’t such a bad idea after all…well, that was until he spotted them at the entrance of the CS department. They saw him too. Left with no choice, Alex rushed towards the field. At least the field was still empty. He kept looking over his shoulder at his pursuers while he ran towards the volleyball court and the area near the ING Vysya bank. Suddenly, his pursuers gave up chasing him. Perhaps they were exhausted.


“Victory is mine!” said Alex to himself, as he slowed down his pace, all the while looking behind him and thinking how lucky he was. No sooner did he turn his head around and look in front of himself than the realization of why his pursuers had given up chase, dawned on him, for a few feet in front of him stood two infected beings. They must have come from behind the bank while he had been too busy looking over his shoulder. He discerned that something was clasped in each of their hands.

field 3“There goes my victory!” exclaimed Alex, as he swerved around and ran towards the old sports complex. Puffing and panting, he soon reached the entrance of the complex and just as he passed through it, he felt an ice-cold hand on his face. The hand belonged to an infected being who had been standing inside the old sports complex, waiting and watching. It was too late! Alex was exhausted and had no strength to put up a fight. It was inevitable and Alex had to accept the fact that he had lost…


rvce top view

WorkshopAfter he had screamed his heart out, Michael followed his own advice and ran for his life. He chose to turn right and run past the Kriya Kalpa Museum. The thought of hiding inside the museum did cross his mind, but that thought was soon abolished since its doors were closed (as usual). He ran past the workshops; the parked cars; the admin and placement blocks until he reached the crossroad beside the IEM auditorium.

building2He had to make up his mind quickly. Three directions. He eliminated the options of going straight ahead and going right towards the Main “Chikki” Canteen. Now, he had to decide between the building that housed the IS, IT, Biotech and MCA departments, among others; and the road that led to the college bus stand.

rvce towards bus standAfter a second of contemplation, Michael decided to follow the path to the college bus stand, and that was one of the best decisions he made because earlier that day, a guy named Lincoln had also been faced with the same dilemma and he had chosen to go to the IS building. He entered the building and climbed up a few flights of stairs with infected beings hot on his heels.

He ran in all directions and didn’t know where he was going. It was a labyrinth. He found himself going around in circles, and somehow, he wasn’t able to lose his pursuers. Soon, he reached a staircase.

IS dept copyWhat was this craziness? Why was one portion blocked by pots and chairs? Nowhere to go but up…He braced himself to run up the flight of stairs on the left and stopped just as soon as he started. Coming down from that flight of stairs were none other than his pursuers. How they had managed to reach there when they had been behind him all along was a question he would never find an answer to.

Lincoln looked at the plants. It was now or never. Mustering up all his courage, he charged towards the seats, placed his right foot on one of them and hurled himself into the air backwards…It was a leap of faith. Things happened in slow motion now. He felt like Neo in The Matrix. He miraculously landed on his feet at the base of the staircase, unscathed, leaving his pursuers dumbfounded and unable to pursue him any further.

No sooner had Lincoln thanked his stars than another infected being appeared from out of the blue, ran down the stairs and caught Lincoln by the scruff of his neck. Lincoln knew that he was now doomed…


rvce bus stand 3Coming back to Michael – he ran down the road lined with parked cars, towards the college-bus shed. Unfortunately, that area had also been invaded. He turned left and continued running along the lonely stretch of road with the Vrishabhavathi river flowing beside it. Once he was sure that no one was following him, he slowed down and continued walking for 2 minutes, when suddenly, out of nowhere, infected beings appeared all around him. How had that happened? How did they catch up? How did they find him?

vrishabhavati riverThere was no escape now…He was completely surrounded by the infected ones on three sides and the river on the fourth. He could only think of one escape route – the river. To jump or not to jump, that was the question. The effect would be the same, but the means would be different. He would be infected no matter what path he chose. Now, it all boiled down to one thing – choosing the lesser of the two evils – Infection by a polluted river or Infection by….

bus stand road copyMichael made his decision and he knew that it was a point of no return. He closed his eyes and stood as still as a statue.

They came up to him. Michael caught a glimpse of the weapons they held in their hands. It was some sort of coloured powder. One of them took this powder and smeared it all over Michael’s face. All the others followed suit and soon, Michael’s head, face and shirt were multi-coloured.

It wasn’t so bad after all, like he had been led to believe. Why had he been so afraid of getting infected? Now, he was one of them.

Once they were done, all of them looked at Michael and shouted, “Happy Holi!”

At that very moment, everything started disappearing one by one; the people; the road; the river; the college buses; the trees; the college; they all disappeared, and in their stead appeared, a table, and not just any table, mind you. It was a table laden with two plates of butter chicken and parotas.

What was happening here? Was Michael in some mythical universe? What was this place? Who was that guy standing next to his table, staring at Michael as if he had done something unspeakable?

Instantaneously, like the darkness of night yielding to the incandescence of the sun, it all dawned on Michael, and the realization sent chills up his spine. Michael remembered everything. It all came rushing back, as clear as day – He had tried to escape from being smeared with colours during the 11:00 break, and had broken out of RVCE and had sought shelter in Hotel Dreamland. In fact, that was precisely where he was right now and the guy standing next to his table was none other than a waiter.

Hotel Dreamland

oppositeMichael must have dozed off after placing his order. It had all been a dream. Hotel Dreamland was a strange place indeed. What he had just been through hadn’t been a dream – it was more than a dream. It had seemed so real!

“No wonder they call this place – Dreamland! Remarkable!” exclaimed Michael to himself. “Does Hotel Dreamland support inception?”

andeMichael finished his meal, paid the bill and prepared to leave Hotel Dreamland and head back to college. Little did he know what lay in store for him as he walked out of Hotel Dreamland. By the time he caught sight of the eggs, it was too late…The only thing he could hope for was for this to be just another dream within a dream…


Photo courtesy Faking News @ RVCE


This figment of my imagination is based on a true dream and draws inspiration from the 23rd episode of the first season of Community.

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    Brilliant!!!. Flash of a genius 🙂

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    seriously u should write a novel!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice Photos!

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