Date: 10:05 AM, Thursday, October 4, 2012 AD
Location: 2nd floor of the CS Department (New Building)

“Useless fellow!”

No sooner had I heard this phrase uttered than a light tap on the back of my head roused me from my reverie with a jolt. I opened my eyes and observed my surroundings. I found myself sitting in my classroom, with my FL teacher frowning at me with a glint of humour in his eyes. The first question that sprang into my mind was, “What am I doing here?”

Before I had the chance to acquire an explanation for this rather strange question, another fact took me completely by surprise. For the past one month, the class strength (of the 7th Semester CS class) had barely managed to cross 40-50 % of the actual strength. However, to my astonishment, the strength had surpassed even 90%. How was this even possible? I asked myself, “Am I still dreaming?”

I looked at my wristwatch. Wait a minute!! 10:06 AM!! What was this craziness?!! Wasn’t I supposed to write my Computer Architecture test today? Why didn’t I have a white answer booklet open in front of me? Did I miss it? Why were WE ALL “listening” to a lecture on FL?? And then, the lights flashed and realization dawned on me. It was true. I wasn’t dreaming…

Now, I know that you, reader, must be extremely puzzled with what you have just perused. However, I can quite assure you that things will fall into place if you would be so kind as to allow me to tell you a tale like none you have ever heard before. Mark my words, reader! I assure you that your effort will not be in vain. Know that when I use the terms “we” and “our”, I refer to all the students of a particularly notorious section of the 7th Semester class of RVCE CSE.


First, let us rewind to the beginning of this semester – 7th semester, to be precise. With most students attending the placement sessions coupled with the fact that the prospect of spending our last year at RVCE cooped up in a classroom listening to (some) dull lectures didn’t seem particularly enticing, it would be perfectly alright to guess that our classroom remained nearly half-empty most of the time (during working hours). Surprisingly, three half-days per week didn’t aid the situation at all!

So, to aid us in our quest for inner peace, the Art of Mass Bunking came to our rescue. In our three years at RVCE CSE, we had practised the art (and I do not use that term lightly) of mass bunking to perfection, or so we thought. Little did we know that we were all in for a big surprise…

If my memory serves me, it was in the very first week of the 7th semester that we began mass-bunking. To our great delight, no faculty member took any action against us. By the following week we were so certain of ourselves that we were mass-bunking left, right and centre without a second thought. Talk about craziness! Why did we even bother to come to college?

Fast-forwarding to Wednesday, September 12, 2012 AD:

It was a half day and we all mass-bunked after attending the first class. That was the time when the news of our deeds was brought to the HOD’s notice by one of the teachers (Loepo N) whose class we had bunked. In the evening, the following mail, written by the aforementioned teacher,  was found in our email inboxes:

Dear All,

All the seventh semester ‘B’ section students are required to assemble in HOD-CSE without fail at 9 AM tomorrow morning (Sept 13, 2012).  This is regarding serious note of students missing the classes on Sept 12, 2012.

Loepo N                                 (Name Encrypted)

Note that the Playfair cipher technique was used for encryption with the key “playfairexample”.

Thursday, September 13, 2012 AD:

As luck would have it, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (or BMTC, as it is fondly called) chose to organize a strike on September 13, 2012…Yes!! The exact date mentioned in the e-mail above! They couldn’t have selected a more appropriate date – perhaps the only occasion when their timing was perfect! ( . RVCE declared a holiday due to lack of transportation. We did have to pay the price of attending classes on Saturdays for the next two weeks, but I’ll get to that part later.

Due to the sudden turn of events, the aforementioned mail was forwarded again by Loepo N to everyone that evening, stating that we had to meet the HOD at 9 AM on September 14, 2012 AD.

Friday, September 14, 2012 AD:

Fate was kind to us, and the BMTC strike continued. However, RVCE, being the way it has always been, didn’t declare a holiday. Old habits die hard! Thus, those who weren’t dependent on the BMTC, went to college as usual. Rumour has it that no one from our class assembled in the HOD’s office. However, I can declare one thing for certain. After 11:00 AM IST, all the students of 7th semester B section mass-bunked AGAIN.

Monday, September 17, 2012 AD:

At around 10:00 AM IST, the HOD entered our classroom and after conducting the usual formalities of checking for ID cards, listening to lame excuses about why some students weren’t wearing ID cards, and ensuring that the backbenchers occupied the front benches, he got down to brass tacks. He reprimanded us for our conduct and asked us to mend our ways immediately. He told us that we wouldn’t get any attendance if we mass-bunked again. Alas! All his words went in one ear and out the other!

For the next three days, we didn’t attend college. No! We didn’t mass bunk. We didn’t have to. After all, RVCE had declared holidays on September 18th, 19th (for the Ganesha Festival) and 20th(due to the Bharat Bandh).

Friday, September 21, 2012 AD:

At 11:00 AM, there was a failed attempt to mass-bunk due to lack of unity.

During the following week, we all attended classes as usual (till Friday, September 28, 2012). Thanks to the placements that were going on, there was even a time when there were only around 10 students listening to a lecture in our class!

Saturday, September 29, 2012 AD:

(Now we are coming close to the time of revelation). Remember, we were attending classes on this day since this was the price we had to pay for all the bandhs and strikes that had occurred earlier. We attended class as usual till 11:30 AM IST. Then, the mischief began. Everyone was convincing everyone else to mass-bunk. The students who voluntarily initiated the process and tried to convince everyone to mass-bunk undoubtedly drew inspiration from this person:

Anyway, no one wanted to sit for two continuous hours listening to Loepo N. Besides, most students were attending placements. So, we mass-bunked again… This was the last straw…

Later that evening, Loepo N sent the following mail to all of us and all the teachers of RVCE CSE:

To all the students of 7th Semester B Section,

In light of the students missing the CNS classes on Sept 29,2012 from 11:30 to 1:30 PM, a disciplinary action has been instigated against the students of this section. The internal test and further classes for this section will be indefinitely suspended. This behavior of the students are reported to respective counselor and thereby information is passed on to Parents.

Loepo N

Note the word “all”. No discrimination was being made. The funny thing was even those students, who had perfectly legitimate reasons for bunking, were being punished. I’ll leave you to judge the fairness of this decision…
For some bizarre reason, this mail wasn’t received by a few of its intended recipients. FYI, it wasn’t even in the spam folder. Was this an omen?

Monday, October 1, 2012 AD:

After enjoying the relatively short weekend, we returned to college filled with some misgivings. To our surprise, there was no official notice about our suspension, on our department notice board. We breathed a sigh of relief at 9:10 AM when our classes resumed as usual. We came to the conclusion that Loepo N had learned nothing from the story about the boy who cried wolf. Anyhow, we didn’t try to push our luck by mass-bunking again after that.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 AD:

Loepo N informed us that our internals had certainly been cancelled. The few people who did attend classes were apprehensive and went to speak to the HOD, who affirmed that Loepo N spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The HOD wanted to know the names of the initiators of the mass-bunk, but no one was willing to spill the beans. Our fate was sealed…  But doubt still lingered in the air. The foremost question on everyone’s minds was:

Copyleft Agent Super Mario

Was the HOD a man of his word? Well, only time would tell…

Thursday, October 4, 2012 AD

Some of us had studied for the internals, believing that the HOD was just kidding, while some of us hadn’t bothered to touch our textbooks, guessing that the HOD would stand by his decision. At 8:45 AM, the latter group’s assumptions were proved right by the fact that no classrooms had been allocated for the students of our class to write the test. On gaining this piece of knowledge, the ones who had studied late into the previous night, were cursing under their breath while the ones who hadn’t studied were overfilled with joy and wanted to dance in Gangnam Style, and someone even suggested that they present the HOD with ladoos to celebrate the occasion.

However, everyone’s joy was short-lived for, you see, we had to attend classes. No freaking holiday had been granted to us! We had to sit in class, and bizarrely enough, almost 90% of us attended. Our first class was FL, and the teacher joked about our situation and shared the following words of wisdom with us: “You just mass-bunked the wrong class – Loepo N’s class! Useless fellows! If you had mass-bunked my class, I wouldn’t have instigated such serious action.”

And guess what. After that, we had to attend Loepo N’s class for two consecutive hours – yes! The very same class we had mass-bunked on Saturday; the very same classes that were responsible for the state we were in; the very same Loepo N  who was now having the last laugh, enjoying his vengeance! The effect of our mass-bunk had been nullified!

Oh well. We all looked on the bright side – while all the other students of RVCE studied earnestly for their first internals, at least we didn’t have to study for two tests per day. Our torture had been postponed…Now coming to the real icing on the cake – thanks to the Karnataka Bandh on Saturday, October 6, 2012, RVCE postponed the tests that were supposed to be held on this day, to Sunday, October 7, 2012. Sunday!! Can you believe it?!! Only the students of 7th semester CSE B section can enjoy their Sunday. Some enthusiastic souls of our class have even planned a class trip on Sunday…

Rumour has it that the portions for our second internals will also include the portions of our first internals (the one we missed). Rumour also has it that a letter, requesting a change of faculty for a certain subject due to differences of opinion, will find its way to the suggestion box in the CS department in the not too distant future.

After all this, a lot of unanswered questions still seem to linger in our minds. What if there hadn’t been a BMTC strike on September 13, 2012? What if we hadn’t been made to attend college on September 29, 2012? What if we hadn’t mass bunked on that day? Too many what ifs…It’s no use crying over spilt milk, is it? Did Loepo N play fair(ly)? Was such serious action justified to teach us a lesson? Have we learned our lesson? Will we ever mass-bunk again? Will you, reader, ever participate in mass-bunks after reading about our ordeal? Well, all I can say is, Only Time will Tell…or perhaps, you could tell me by commenting on this post. 🙂

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  1. kushal30 says:

    awesome:) this development is dramatic even if it was without jinkchak masala:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    and ya it wasn’t fair play.. i would like to see this Loepo N once.. so that it may help identifying other such Loepo N.. the ones who dont play fair and take precautions

    • Jinkchak says:

      Lol. I’m glad that you’re planning to take precautions. Better safe than sorry! If you’ve already decoded the ciphertext – Loepo N, then, come to the CS department and look around. You’ll find Loepo N easily. Hard to miss… 🙂

  3. So?WhatCanIDo? says:

    @above, you can find out who the person is by using this online playfair cipher decoder

  4. bunkexpert says:

    You juniors! We’d done the same thing in our third year, but HOD had left us just after an apology letter. But I never bothered to attend classes in my last year. I had zero attendance in at least three subjects 😛 In fact the only times I’d attended CG Lab were for the internal and the external. Keep your teachers in good books, wish them and talk a few words every time you see them (even though it’s once in a blue moon) and I tell you sweet boxes work fine with the ladies and a few lecturers 🙂 (No such luck if you’re a girl)

  5. Sankalp Jain says:

    want bunk? organize fest.

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