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“Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place and this too will be swept away.” – Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor, AD 121-180)

After a three-month hiatus from blogging, I’m back. You may wonder who I am and why I say this. Sit down (if you aren’t already) and let me tell you a tale like none you have ever heard before.

Let me begin my story by rewinding to the time when it all ended. The day was June 12th, 2012 AD. The time? – 1700 hours IST. After going through almost one-and-a-half weeks of pure torture, the 6th semester students of RVCE CSE could finally breathe a sigh of relief, and all of them owed their relief to the wonderful fact that their final exams had come to an end.

Continuing our unspoken tradition, to celebrate this memorable occasion, we made our way to McDonald’s at Gopalan Arcade. Alas! For the second time in the history of Jinkchak, we failed to catch a flick. Perhaps, we will, at the end of the next semester…

Anyway, we were all pleased that we could look forward to 3 months of peace…well, this was until we remembered…

Note: If you aren’t in the mood to read some figments of my imagination, feel free to skip to Part 2 (The Proverbs) of this post by clicking me.

Part 1

You might consider me callous for reminding you about exams at this time, but before I allow the thought of these exams to fade into oblivion, let me recount to you a strange occurrence. Let us rewind to the 30th day of May of this year, and more specifically, to the wee-hours of the day mentioned.

In a dimly-lit room of the newly constructed/renovated administrative block of RVCE, the silhouettes of two figures could just about be discerned by our unreliable source, who, after spending a few seconds rummaging through his memory, came to the conclusion that the people to whom these silhouettes belonged were none other than Rambo and the Squeaky One (from the X-files – https://jinkchak.wordpress.com/2010/06/08/the-x-files/)

“I apologize for calling you on such short notice,” said Rambo, “but you see, this is a matter of national importance. The first exam for 3rd year students begins tomorrow, but will have to be postponed due to the All-India Bandh. Since the Bandh can’t be postponed, the only solution is to postpone the exam. Do you have any ideas?”

“Of course, Sire!” replied the Squeaky One, squeakily. “I’ve got the perfect solution. Once you’ve heard this, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before. It’s absolutely brilliant…it’s absolutely…”

“Will you get on with it?” interrupted Rambo, twiddling his thumbs impatiently.

“I’ll begin by telling you what sparked off this idea in my mind. Firstly, I happened to recall that the students of a few departments including RVCE CSE, have their Management and Entrepreneurship exam tomorrow. Besides, even the RVCE ECE people have one of their worst exams tomorrow – D.C.  Now, I asked myself, ‘When the worst exams have to be postponed, to what day should they be postponed?’ I didn’t have to think further, for I knew the answer was ‘Sunday’. And there you have it – Sunday, 3rd June, 2012 AD,” squeaked the Squeaky One, excitedly.

“Bravo! Bravo! What a brilliant idea! I don’t think this has ever been done before – An exam on Sunday!! We’re the first to think of it – just like entrepreneurs. Sunday! Nothing could be better…And to top it all, I’ve preponed the placement session for the 3rd year students. They won’t have time to enjoy their holidays. The reason? I don’t want them bunking classes when college reopens in September. HAHAHA!”

“Well! That’s what they think. But you just want to torture them, don’t you?”

“Precisely! Just…” – Before Rambo could complete his sentence, he heard a loud thud outside the window where our unreliable source was supposedly positioned. When Rambo went to investigate the cause of the thud, he couldn’t find any.

Rapidly, Rambo turned to the Squeaky One and said, “I think we can put an end to this conversation since we’ve arrived at such a satisfactory conclusion. I just wish I could see the look on students’ faces when they hear the news. Good bye.”

“Goodbye, Sire!” replied the squeaky one, and they both parted ways. For those wondering what caused that thud, the answer is simple. The unreliable source lost his footing and fell of the window sill. Luckily, the source caught hold of a ledge just below the window from where he could still hear the conversation, and managed to escape unscathed.

The outcome of this conversation is shown below:


Part 2

Shifting our focus from exams….brrr….it gives me the creeps…let me continue Jinkchak’s tradition of recalling memorable events from the semester just gone by.

Stealing a look at the RVCE Facebook Profile Market brought to notice the fact that there was only one newcomer. There was Faking News @rvce; RVCE Updates; profiles for various departments; Bond James; Hakuna Matata; Unknown Noun; Ghajinikanth Udayashankar Zuckerberg; Rvce Talks; TheFake RvceStudent; Rvce Cloud and others that I might have inadvertently left out. Clearly, people weren’t content with the plethora of profiles wandering around the Social Network. Thus, RV Relations was born. What is this craziness? What will people think of next?

I must mention that Faking News @rvce continued its tradition of entertaining us as we hauled our way through this semester. RVCE Updates did a pretty good job of providing relevant news…It became so famous that it was hacked at the end of May, by a Tunisian Hacker going by the name of Badi. As of now, this website is currently under maintenance and Jinkchak wishes it a speedy recovery.

The Prism of Life blog remained active throughout this semester, publishing interesting articles on various topics as seen through the prism of life.

This semester also witnessed RVCE’s biennial fest – 8th Mile. Apart from all the events that were organized, I cannot forget my shock when I saw Mr. Bean’s doppelganger (albeit with an attached moustache) in our campus:

This year’s Holi was also celebrated with joy in the campus, with people running helter-skelter to no avail, eventually becoming victims; terminated with a Mass-Bunk (which eventually failed in RVCE CSE).

Who can forget the silent and relatively unknown non-violent movement (or Quit RVCE Movement) led by Rajnikanth (seated) and his sidekick.

Finally, how can the memory of a dog in a classroom, eagerly awaiting a lecture, ever fade into oblivion?


Now, enough of chit-chat! Let’s get down to brass tacks – The reason this article was written in the first place, was to bring to your attention all Proverbs encountered this semester, which have more importance than the subjects taught in class. After all, what else brings a smile to one’s face when one is completing one’s record work or filling in data sheets? What else has the power to make you laugh while you’re studying for internals and externals? Only RVCE Proverbs, and on that note, let us look at the collection of proverbs compiled this semester.

Repeating the words from the previous end-of-semester article, it is with utmost amusement that I present to you the section you’ve all been waiting for: This Semester’s Proverbs, compiled by yours truly, with assistance from the FIELD.


This semester saw the return of a few people from previous semesters. First, there was KiloByte, whose teaching style and proverbs were mentioned in https://jinkchak.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/the-semester-that-wasnt/. This time, he taught us Unix System Programming, and I haven’t a doubt that it’s necessary to mention that he was brilliant as usual. I say this because being a Windows addict, I was biased against Unix. However, now, I think the story has changed, thanks to the classes and the assignment we worked on…

Thanks to this third encounter, we can add a few more Proverbs to the ever-growing list:

  • “If you learn Unix, anywhere in the world, you can get a job and you can survive.” – His humble opinion about Unix System Programming. Even food takes a back seat to Unix System Programming.
  • “No further reading is required.” – Said just before an important concept is explained.
  • “Any question in this <topic>, you should be able to answer.” – Said just after an important concept is explained.
  • “If you understand this concept, you can able to answer any question in the exam.” – Said just before or just after or while an important concept is explained.


This semester also saw the return of Black Mamba, teaching a subject for which the prescribed text book was authored by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, and yes! We were attentive and managed to collect a few Proverbs this time:

  • “Understood?” – Assumed to be a broadcasted rhetorical question, since no replies are generated by this request (or maybe, all replies are lost due to too much noise in the medium).
  • “Yyyyesssss.” – A protocol used to maintain peace and quiet in the classroom.
  • “What is your problem?” – Broadcasted to no one in particular when the class is restless.
  • “Stop talking!” – An order that has to be acknowledged with silence.
  • “Sssshhhhh…..” – Has the same connotation as the previous Proverb, and it often makes one wonder whether the Hindi serial Ssshhhh…Koi Hai? has anything to do with it.
  • “You’re in 6th sem and you still don’t know this <concept>?” – A Query to the unfortunate soul who happened to be talking while in Black Mamba’s line of sight.
  • “There’s nothing to laugh.” – Said to people who usually find this class particularly amusing for reasons best known to themselves, and unable to control themselves, burst out laughing.
  • “As I told you….” – Said just before explaining a concept.


Now, moving on to one of the most infamous subjects – Management and Entrepreneurship (M&E in short), a subject dreaded by many and respected by some, and taught by a teacher who was reprimanded (in the most diplomatic manner possible) by students for his “hostile” attitude, sparked off by a very curious incident related to the rather daunting task of bringing a projector (that was placed as high as a kite) to life. Suffices to say, this problem was solved the very next day by a twig suspended by a rope from that very same projector I mentioned earlier, with the intention of providing not one, but many students the opportunity of bringing this projector to life. Did I also mention that he’s also an actor?

His philosophy was short and simple, and consisted of the following principles:

  • Anything that cannot be explained “is self-explanatory”
  • The syllabus of M&E is remarkable because of “The Beauty of framing the syllabus”.
  • When the class makes too much noise, always use one of the following phrases:
    • “Arey! Yaar!”
    • “Sorry, yaar!”
    • “Silence, Guys!”
    • “Aache Hogbekaa?” (Want to go out?)
    • “Aye Tiger! Sumne iro!” (Hey Tiger! Keep Quiet!) – Applicable only to one particular person, namely Tiger.
    • When a student voices out his/her opinion, use one of the following phrases:
      • “Absolutely”
      • “That’s the exact thing I wanted to discuss with you, believe it or not!”


Life is full of choices, and so was this semester. Say hello to the Electives – the subjects people choose only to wonder why they hadn’t chosen the other subject they hadn’t chosen.

Let me draw your attention to the first candidate on the list – Network Programming, taught by a teacher who follows these principles:

  • Unix system calls should be taught with actions.
  • A server process is always considered to be somewhere near the ceiling, while a client process can always be found near the floor.
  • An 8-bit number is the size of the palm of her hand, but a 16-bit number is almost equal to the length of two outstretched arms.

To make a long story short, this was a very 3D-oriented class with a lot of emphasis placed on actions. As for Proverbs, I’m sorry to report that there are hardly any worth mentioning. However, there is one event that’s worth mentioning – A student, or should I say an artist, from our class was so inspired by her that he managed to sketch a portrait of her.

Mercury was his usual self, and I don’t think I need to delve further on the topic since I’ve mentioned his proverbs in previous articles. As for Distributed Operating Systems, I really have nothing to say due to lack of experience.

This article wouldn’t be complete without any words dedicated to Operational Research. After all, when you have a class in which fifteen minutes are spent to check the presence or absence of students; when only zero, one or two problems are solved in forty-five minutes; when the teacher has a droning voice and a good sense of humour (from what I hear), how can it fade into oblivion?

Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of his esteemed Proverbs, collected from various reliable/unreliable sources including Daredevil, Kicks, Moolangi and Super Mario:

  • “Dhana kaayone”
  • “Dhana alvo… Dana kayone…”
  • “Le ogalle erlle….”
  • “|<@/\/T|-|@shreeee”
  • “Notorious fellow”
  • “Good bay”
  • “Hey 8008, you are so fast on the road but so slow in solving problems”
  • “Eno… patha madbekeno?”
  • 400 series ella presentAa?”


Oops! I almost forgot DBMS. Boy! Oh boy! What a class it was! Was it even a class? I have no recollection of any Proverbs in this class except “Keep Quiet” said to an extremely noisy class. The moment this statement was issued, the decibel level would increase. The only thing I liked about this class was the fact that you could enjoy every kind of freedom bestowed by the Constitution – especially free speech. Any of the following activities could be performed in plain sight during class-hours:

  1. Matinee Shows on laptops for all students not sitting in the first bench.
  2. Eating and sharing snacks, home-cooked food, etc. No need of wasting time during lunch time.
  3. Taking a nap with benches serving as beds.
  4. Designing and throwing Rockets
  5. Singing songs.
  6. Discovering the artist within oneself.


On that note, we come to the end of the section on this semester’s Proverbs. If I’ve missed a few Proverbs here and there, feel free to bring them to my attention.

I’d be committing a grave injustice if I didn’t mention one of the best stress-busters this semester. Without it, this semester would have been very dull. Here’s a tip. Whenever you need to laugh, just watch this video –

in which Deepak Thimaiah interviews Mr. Manju, a reputed politician – A person who’ll make you forget everything you know regarding the English language; a person who is completely convinced that he’s not going to be a bad politician for the simple reason that his father, his mother, his uncles and ajjis have told yeverytime, “Be a good…Good bye….Good bye…Like that they’ve told. I doesn’t know the meaning of bad”; to whom “Development means improve of life in yevery way. All our life must become happy…jolly”; a person who shares his recipe to prepare Bisi Bele Bath: “If you want to prepare Bisi Bele Bath means you want sambhar, rice”. I could go on and on and I might even end up with a long list of his proverbs, but I’ll put an end to this paragraph right here, right now.

Note: Any grammatical mistakes in the previous paragraph were intentional. Any grammatical mistakes in any other paragraphs were unintentional.

A great portion of this semester went by, working on projects. All that was well and good! However, there are some things that can really get on one’s nerves. Imagine working on a project, day and night, and showing it to some good-for-nothing external examiner whose name is the SI unit of length; who assumes you’ve stolen someone else’s project; who asks you questions related to your project and when you answer correctly, disagrees with your answer and repeats your answer and appends “aaaaaa?” to it. Really exasperating, if you ask me! This memory has the potential to fade into oblivion!

I guess I’ve written more than I wanted to, and I would like to thank you for reading this crazy article. Some people feel that this semester whizzed by too quickly. Others feel that this semester was extremely long. Me? I’m still wondering how three years went by…Time is strange. Sometimes, Time seems to move by slowly. At other times, it just flies. Can’t it make up its mind? One more year is left or in other words, only two more end-of-semester articles remain to be published, and I know not what the future holds, but I know that these times won’t fade into Oblivion.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
~William Shakespeare

  1. kushal30 says:

    Indeed.. prism of life remained has been active through out the sem. and has found a new author as well(it remains to be seen if this new author will be consistent bcuz some of our authors seems to hibernate after a few posts). and this time our blog has earned a mention in the dairy of jinkchak (without we asking jinkchak to do it)

  2. kushal30 says:

    That is what I wonder what to look for in jinkchak after our stint at RV? It will be like Harry potter series coming to an end

    • Jinkchak says:

      Woah! That’s a lofty comparison, but even if it isn’t updated when we leave, Jinkchak will always contain our memories, and will never fade into oblivion.

  3. realitycheck says:


    Mr.Perfect!! What is your CGPA? Did you get placed somewhere or your life went in compiling proverbs. A person who cannot respect his own teachers do not have self-respect. Teachers are atleast educating students, What are you doing?

    A person who is absolutely nobody (living in parent’s money and (B.E) : note the brackets) talks about people who are much elder to him and have (PHD or (PHD)) beside their name.

    “Know your worth before commenting on other” : note the proverb.

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