Mass Bunk: A Moment to Forget?

Posted: February 18, 2012 by Jinkchak in RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories
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After witnessing the curious expeditions of a dog trotting from one classroom to the next in search of…uhmmm…inner peace, while occasionally standing on its hind legs; or a session in which a teacher was reprimanded (in the most diplomatic manner possible) by students for his “hostile” attitude, sparked off by a very curious incident related to the rather daunting task of bringing a projector to life, the details of which I’ll leave for another article in the not too distant future; and a twig suspended by a rope from that very same projector I mentioned earlier, with the intention of providing other students the opportunity of bringing this projector to life – one might ask oneself, “How crazy could life in RVCE CSE get?”

If this question has been giving you nightmares or sleepless nights, then I have the perfect remedy for your ailment. Just sit down (if you aren’t already) and yup…you guessed it…let me tell you a tale like none you have ever heard before…


Date: 1130 hours IST, February 17, 2012 AD
Venue: Area in and around RVCE CSE, RVCE, Bangalore.
Mission Objective: Mass Bunk
Class: RVCE CSE ‘A’, ‘B’

The scene that confronted me bore a remarkable resemblance to the scene I had encountered on October 30th, 2010 AD –

“History, it is said, repeats itself. Few but are reminded almost every day of something that has gone before,” and if I didn’t know any better, I would say it was déjà vu. But, whatever the case may be, one thing was certain – the students standing in front of the RVCE CSE department hadn’t the slightest inclination to attend classes today – especially the DBMS class.

I won’t bore you with unnecessary details. Instead, let me share with you the bits and pieces of words and sentences that were fortunate enough to be picked up by me…yeah ME!

  • “If we bunk now, we will have a very long weekend – almost four days!!”
  • “I’m going to attend…”
  • “We’ll be suspended…And we won’t be allowed to write our tests.”
  • “I’ve bunked too many classes.”
  • “I don’t know. Every time this happens…”
  • “If everyone bunks, I’ll bunk…”
  • “Hmmmm…This cup-of-noodles is delicious!”
  • “Why can’t they make up their minds?”
  • “I don’t care!”
  • “Stop them! They’re going to class!”
  • “Hey. Don’t go there! The teacher will see…Please dude…Convince them not to go.”
  • “Come. Let’s go to the Arcade and watch ‘Ghost Rider’. It’s at 12:30.”
  • “I don’t want any part of this…”
  • “Wait! Wait!”
  • “Hey! Get me some chips! I’m hungry.”

“Why are we bunking one day after the HOD spoke to us?” – Now, to understand the hidden meaning in this question, let us rewind to 24 hours earlier.

We were in class, listening to…I dunno…stuff about Management, when all of a sudden, the HOD barges into class with a notice in his hands. He tells us about stuff we shouldn’t do in college, such as carrying phones to class; carrying expensive IPads; not wearing ID cards, etc. Before departing, he makes it a point to tell us that if we mass bunk, then everyone would be marked absent.

Coming back to the current state of affairs, it was clear that some people intended to find out if the HOD was a man of his word…

At 1145 hours IST, while some students were still contemplating, others started shouting, “HOD! HOD! Run! Run!” This warning was enough. Everyone started scurrying in different directions. It was later found out that this was a false alarm and that the person who had tricked us hadn’t read Aesop’s Fables, but the shout had achieved its objective – The Mass Bunk was finally in progress…

Some students went to watch a movie in Gopalan Arcade; others began playing cricket/football in the field next to RVCE CSE; still others went out to have a sumptuous lunch while some even went home. All in all, it was a truly satisfying moment for everyone, and everything would have been just fine had the HOD not chosen to come back to the department after his unknown excursion, when students were playing in the field.

On catching sight of his silhouette under the blazing afternoon Sun, the players stopped playing and ran for their lives. Perhaps this story might have been different if these folks hadn’t run…but, alas, run, they did!

The HOD grew suspicious. On contacting his sources, he received intelligence that a mass bunk had occurred. His anger knew no bounds. No sooner had he entered his cabin than he asked his secretary for a list of phone numbers and then, picked up the ancient phone lying on his desk, and started making calls.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the HOD decided to trouble only the students of ‘A’ section. He rang them up and called them back to college. Somehow, only a few phone calls were enough to bring back half of the students of ‘A’ section. Now, I must mention a particularly noteworthy incident:

The third person whom the HOD called, answered the call only after a long time, and when he did, the HOD said, “Hello!” to which the former, whom we’ll call Nightcrawler for the time-being, replied, “You, talking to me?”

“Of course I am! Are you Nightcrawler?” asked the HOD.

“Yes! May I know who you are?”

“I’m your HOD speaking!” Hearing this, Nightcrawler turned pale, and he knew exactly what the HOD would say next. “Where are you? Why aren’t you in class?”

“I’m in college, Sir. I’ll come to class in 2 minutes,” replied Nightcrawler.

“Well. Come back fast!” and with those words of wisdom, the HOD cut the call.

Now, everything would have been fine. But there was only one problem. Nightcrawler was in Majestic, after travelling in a bus from RVCE for the past one hour. Only a miracle or a teleportation device could save him now, but Nightcrawler was determined not to let the HOD down. So, he got down from the bus he was in, and boarded a bus that was headed towards RVCE. He reached an hour later, but he was just in time. It was 1323 hours IST. He ran to his class, and was just in time to say, “Present, Sir!” for which he received full attendance…

Meanwhile, at 1245 hours IST, a few students from ‘B’ section, quite unaware of what had taken place, were standing in the queue at the ticket counter of Gopalan Arcade, eagerly waiting to purchase movie tickets. At 1250 hours IST, it was finally their turn to buy tickets. The student, who had taken the responsibility of buying the tickets, went up to the cashier.

“Ghost Rider 2,” said he, to the cashier. At the same time, the phone in his friend’s pocket vibrated.

The cashier entered “Ghost Rider” into the computer in front of him, and asked, “How many?”

The friend with the phone was busy reading the message that was the cause of the vibration mentioned earlier.

“S…” and before the buyer could finish, his friend shouted, “WAIT! WAIT! Don’t buy! Don’t buy!”

The person who had been appointed as the buyer of tickets, stood paralyzed for a moment, as his friend imparted the cause of this sudden craziness.

It turned out that a few minutes earlier, a few students of ‘B’ section had entered the department and headed to their class with the intention of finding out if classes were being held or not. The sound of their retreating footsteps could be heard after they realized that the class was empty.

But, along the way, they were spotted by the HOD, who walked up to them and bid them attend their class, while he informed the respective teacher (Black Mamba) to continue her task of teaching – it was later found that she was having an early lunch after she realized that a mass-bunk was in progress…

The movie-going gang dropped their movie plans and rushed to college. They turned up ten minutes later, and one-by-one, other groups of students started entering the class. The students, who had spent time in the hostel and were on their way home, were dumbfounded when they realized that the mass bunk had failed. They rushed to class and were astonished to find that half of the class was anything but empty.

The group of students who turned up last (i.e., five minutes before the end of the class) belonged to that category of students that always adheres to one rule: “Nothing and No one shall ever interrupt one’s lunch”. They were one of the first people to receive news that the mass bunk had failed, but that didn’t prevent them from relishing their Chicken Biriyani in RR Nagar, and the best part was they didn’t even lose their attendance.

During that class, Black Mamba’s words passed over my head but the following words of wisdom didn’t: “You people can’t even mass-bunk properly.”

After lunch, the HOD came to our class along with Steve Jobs, and instead of admonishing us for the mass-bunk; he repeated the same stuff he had told us 24 hours ago, with exactly the same adjectives, verbs, parts of speech, etc., but, at no point of time did he utter the words, “Mass-Bunk”. What is this craziness?!

This incident made me realize that if incidents such as these did not occur, then this blog would have been extinct by now. I had no intention of writing this article, but thanks to the “old aka new Godfather’s” suggestion, I did write it!

As I said on that fateful day in October – I, for one, was particularly happy with the fact that this incident provided me with something to write about….A moment to remember -forget if you know what I mean. \(^_^)/

A moment to forget? I really doubt that! 😉

*Disclaimer: There’s a small inkling of a chance that I might have added some masala here and there. So, please, don’t sue me!

Written by
Me…yeah ME!

  1. kushal30 says:

    like ur MASSBUNK in Godfather style g***a***r sorry “you yeah its you”

  2. kushal30 says:

    from the pics u edit or collect for ur blog i think u put in some effort and time to write a blog.. how did u edit that 21st century fox in one of ur video? is it easy?

    • kushal30 says:

      by the way im comenting and liking in wordpress bcuz i dont do those two thinngs on facebook(strictly).. here in wordpress people mean what they say and like.. in facebook its just to impress others.. its too fake, not real & too fictitious there..

      • Jinkchak says:

        It doesn’t matter to me whether you like it on Facebook or WordPress….All that matters is that you’re reading it. Thanks for your support. 🙂

    • Jinkchak says:

      Thanks, kushal30. 🙂 You can find tutorials on YouTube on how to create your own 21st Century Fox video. I used Blender 3D. There’s only one small catch….It takes about 8 hours to render the entire video. Feel free to watch many movies while it renders…or better still, drink a cup of coffee. 😛

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