A Eulogy for Google Buzz

Posted: December 23, 2011 by manklu in Programming, RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories
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A social networking service quite obscure in the WWW world where a bigwig like Facebook ruled the roost, but, Google Buzz, you had been there with us, for us.

You had been there when the voice of our peers were raised. You were there when the creative writing of some of the minds of RVCE CSE had to be shared. When a spirited Kannada conversation had to be launched, you gave us the platform where the like-minded could emphatically discuss, bitch around, and do whatever the realms of a sane language would permit.

You were there, when there was an idea, of such grandiose, of such novelty, of such brilliance that would shake the entire peer group of ours – had to be shared and discussed about. You were not visible directly to an overlooking eye, but you were there -you were there where your fans and followers were. You were there for them who were loyal to you.

For movie trivia, for a geek talk, for an academic activity, for a nonsensical  gossip, for a random quirk which would make perfect sense, you were there.

I remember one particular post from a guy asking for suggestions on good movies to watch during the holidays in June. Replies to that post brought to the fore the best movies mankind has ever produced! Replies kept coming, and that post had been getting comments until you bade us goodbye. If you were still there, we would have discovered many more amazing movies to watch – not skimming through pages and pages of IMDB, but instead, just following comments in that post!

Google Buzz, you might be gone forever. But, rest assured you’ll stay in our hearts forever. You’ll stay with all the sweet memories that wouldn’t have been possible if it were not you who supported them. Though you were a blip in the web-o-sphere, you were certainly special for us and we were lucky enough in our lives to have met you and shared a bond with you.

Google Buzz, May Your Soul Rest In Peace.


Written by The Happy-Happy Boy

(Published on Jinkchak by The 21st Century Me…yeah ME! Production Company)

A message from Me…yeah ME! : Jinkchak owes its existence in some part to Google Buzz – The place where the name “Me…yeah ME!” was coined.

  1. Nice expression….I don’t know if I have used google buzz anyway…however has it been shut down?

    • Jinkchak says:

      Yes! It has been shut down….Google Buzz was kinda close to our hearts….even though it was visible to everyone, it was invisible to many, if you know what I mean. 🙂

  2. Vinay B S says:

    Bahala chennagi ide …. Ishta aitu !! 🙂

  3. Vinay B S says:

    Bahala chennagi ide …. Istha aitu !! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    very touching!!!!!!!!
    seriously……. very good……

  5. anirudh says:

    very touching!!!!!!!!
    seriously……. very good……

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