There are times when you’re sitting at your Computer, and you’re called away for any number of reasons – a friend could call you out to play; you might have to run an errand for your mom; you might be absent-minded and just leave your computer on and go out for a very long walk, or go out to catch a bite.

And how many times, during these ventures, have you suddenly remembered that you’ve left your PC on, and wished that you could teleport to your PC and Shut It Down? Sure! You could depend on the Power-Saving features bundled with the OS, but I bet many of you would have turned them off by now!

How many times have you said, “Damn?! If only I could Teleport like Nightcrawler to Shut Down my PC and come back!”?

Well, buddy! You can say Sayonara to your problems. Ok! A part of them anyway. Teleportation, if this page is to be trusted, won’t be a reality, at least in the foreseeable future. So that problem hasn’t been solved…yet.

But don’t lose hope, pal! All is not lost, thanks to Shut It Down – A Free, Windows-based Remote-Shutdown Software written in Java, developed and published by Boondi Productions Public Unlimited. All you require is:

  • A Permanent, working Internet Connection to your PC.
  • Any GPRS phone or another computer connected to the Internet or a phone that supports Short Message Service (SMS).
  • Last, but not least, the Shut It Down application that can be downloaded from

The best part is it’s absolutely free! No strings attached!

You can use this application in other ways too.

  • Shut It Down supports other operations too – Log Off, Restart, Hibernate, Sleep, and Lock
  • If you have a number of PCs, Netbooks, Laptops, etc., in your house and all of them run on Microsoft Windows (support for other Operating Systems will be included some time soon) and are connected to a network and you’re too lazy to go around shutting down each one of them. No problem! All of us are turning into couch potatoes these days! Just fire up Shut It Down and watch it perform its magic! Shut It Down
  • Say you’re sick and tired of clicking the same old Start Menu to shut down your PC. You need a refreshing new way to shut it down – say, Shut it down from your Browser! You can do that too!  Use Shut It Down. The new age of shutting down through web-browsers has arrived, and the future looks pretty! Shut It Down
  • Suppose you want to play a prank on your friend. Install Shut It Down on his/her PC, and the next time you’re friend’s computer automatically shuts down, your friend might just think the apocalypse is nearing and Machines are taking over the world – Terminator style! Shut It Down

How you use this application is left to your imagination!

And Remember. Always Shut It Down @

This review was brought to you by The 21st Century Me…yeah ME! Production Company in association with Boondi Productions Public Unlimited, Code Kshetra Inc. and based on inputs from various sources.

No Wrongs Unreserved. These are the views of the author and The 21st Century Me…yeah ME! Production Company cannot be held responsible for any misunderstanding.

Note: The developer of Shut It Down also goes by other names like Akon, Morpheus, etc.

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