Say Hello To Pumba’s Cousins

Posted: July 22, 2011 by Jinkchak in Short Stories
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Say Hello to my little friend – Pumba’s (the warthog of The Lion King fame) long lost cousin, whose present abode, is Jungle Lodges, K.Gudi, Karnataka. This wild boar (supposedly wild) roams around with a litter of 12 piglets (I have to admit that there is some uncertainty about this number), and the rest of her family consisting of 5 adults, whose favourite pastime is to grunt, grunt and grunt, if they are not eating. Even if it is two hours past midnight, they don’t mind…Grunting is a tradition to be followed at any time of the day.

The litter sticks together through thick and through thin…except on certain occasions, such as the one in this video. When one fellow starts running, the others follow suit (I think this behaviour could be qualified as “Herd Mentality”). And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a proper shot (for my video, of course….I’m not in the hunting profession, you see). And sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish these piglets from their surroundings due to their miniature size, and also because they tend to blend with their surroundings. And did I mention that they are even coloured differently – light brown with light, horizontal stripes? No?! Then I’m mentioning it now…

Warning: Watch this video in HD (720p)…If you cannot, then watch the video at a resolution of at least 360p

With a low chance of being captured by potential predators, they have the time of their lives, scurrying in different directions, with the thought of food, food and food utmost in their minds. I mean, when there is a constant source of food (most of which is dropped by visitors), what else could you think about? They have no qualms about entering people’s lodges, as long as they are assured of getting food.

Perhaps, the boar (near the end of the video) is fascinated by the camera I have in my possession. Or maybe it was just as curious as the proverbial cat! Whatever the reason was, this boar came nearby, took an inventory of her surroundings and the danger lurking around, and after convincing herself that I posed no threat whatsoever, continued on her way. Meanwhile the piglet (young chap) had scurried away a few seconds earlier.

This article is part of the “Say Hello To” series. Stay tuned for more episodes in the not too distant future!!!

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