Sherlock Holmes in a Nightmare – Part I

Posted: June 22, 2011 by Jinkchak in RVCE, Short Stories
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STARRING: Sherlock Holmes, Chandler Bing, Madpod and Baba

ACT I : Date: Unknown, Location: Gotham City, Time: 0800 hours IST

(The Sound of Music from a vibrating cellphone)

Chandler: “Hello? Dude, are you free today?”
Sherlock: “Yeah, I guess…”
Chandler: “Dude, let’s go to Kung Fu Panda 2”
Sherlock: “Okay…”
Chandler: “Yeah, Cinepolis! Pick Madpod on the way and come on over!”
Sherlock: “Okay!”
Chandler: “See Ya!”
Sherlock: “Dude, what time is…”


The line had gone dead before Sherlock could finish…

Now, waking up to a blaring ringtone of your cellphone during holidays is not only excruciating, but also demeaning to a well-established relation that “Holidays == Sleep until noon”! But, there he was, at 8am, completely awake after that call, already calculating the time needed to reach the place which was in The Kingdom of Far Far Away!

While attending to nature’s call, he fixed 0830 hours IST as the time to leave home with the assumption that the show was at 1030 hours IST (a la, we had assumed RVCE to be a really a cool college before we actually got in! Savvy?)

You might ask: ‘Was it the morning hangover or some other pre-occupation which made Sherlock foolish enough not to ask for the show timing and just assume it?’ Well, the answer from Sherlock would be very disappointing:  ‘I have no clue!’

Sherlock informed Madpod and told him to meet him at a certain location sharp at 9am; “Eventually, we’ll meet Chandler on the way somewhere,” he said. But: ‘Do all plans work as they are meant to?’


ACT II : Location: Unknown, Time: 0915 hours IST

It was 9.15am when Sherlock met Madpod –  “Hurry through” had been the command from Sherlock. Chandler had been waiting since 0900 hours IST at a certain undisclosed location and was bugging Sherlock out to come ASAP. Now, Madpod doesn’t know much about our Gotham City. He’d require Sherlock to tell him all the directions to reach the ‘Final Destination’.

Meanwhile, Chandler was completely disappointed. Yet he didn’t tell them the time of the show, and Sherlock-Madpod didn’t bother to ask. Chandler zoomed past the traffic, but, due to Madpod’s inexpertise of Gotham City’s traffic, they fell back.

Sherlock got a call from Baba who had been assigned to reach Cinepolis beforehand and take the tickets; he told Sherlock the shocking news of his life…

Baba: “Where are you?”
Sherlock: “Dude, stuck in traffic, will be there in 30 minutes. At what time show starts?”
Baba: “Dude, it’s been 10 mins since it began!”

Now, to anyone it might be, let alone a huge movie-buff like Sherlock, you can’t give news which is worse than this! And, Sherlock, stuck in traffic, felt it – waves of revelation hitting him hard, one after another. He realized a single blatant mistake had driven Kung Fu Panda 2 to the graveyard!

Sherlock: “Why the heck didn’t you tell me it was at 10?”
Baba: “Dude, I told you a couple of days back!”
Sherlock: “????”

Sherlock’s mind was spinning in circles. On the record, all through history, he had never been even a single minute late to any movie;now, here they’d be approximately 30 minutes late! “MADPOD! SERIOUS SITUATION! RACE AWAY!” Sherlock explained the predicament.

Madpod was fuming; Baba got a mouthful from them both; Chandler was not seen all through the route; fuming increased,  and so did the traffic!

Sherlock knew the route exactly, but still, he made no sense at all while spitting out directions to Madpod. “Oh, f*** off”, he said to the traffic in front of him…

Sherlock: “Dude, why the hell  didn’t you tell me it was at 10?”
Chandler: “WTF, when else did you think it was at?”
Sherlock: “Pathetic!”
Chandler: “Okay, come ASAP, tell Madpod to ride faster!”
Sherlock: “Leave the tickets at the counter; we’ll collect when we come.”
Baba: “Have already done it you dumbnuts. You think I’ll wait for you guys, missing the 3D action?”
Sherlock: “…”


ACT III: Time: 2400 seconds later

Finally, they reached, a good 40 mins late! Entering a movie hall in darkness and finding the right seats can be a horrifying experience, Sherlock realized when he looked out desperately in the sea of darkness; only things visible were the reflection of the screen on many 3D glasses.

Sherlock sat, shaken. Unable to concentrate, it is an awesome day-he had thought, when he had woken up and peeked out through a window, but, this day had brought forth a disaster which he had never dreamt of! He reflected on his own foolishness and also the ignorance of his friends. In no time, the interval had arrived!

‘What if I’ve missed some parts of it, this is totally a great movie’… Sherlock’s mind relaxed during the second half, now enjoying the movie to the fullest extent-without any problem of the whole wide world allowed to bother him. That is the influence movies have on Sherlock! Sherlock made a promise to himself never to be late to a movie again…

Can he keep the promise? We’ll let Gotham City decide!!!


Written by
The Happy-Happy Boy
(Published on Jinkchak with the permission of the Happy-Happy Boy)
  1. Madhu says:

    Madpod is a trademark, U’ll be sued for using this 😛

  2. madhu says:

    Madpod is a trademark, U’ll be sued for usin this 😛

  3. harsh vardhan says:

    he he he gud 1 dude

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