Jinkchak v2.0

Posted: March 5, 2011 by Jinkchak in Jinkchak, RVCE, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!

This is me…yeah ME! welcoming you…yeah YOU! to the New and Improved Jinkchak —->  Jinkchak v2.0. —> Jinkchak for the New Generation.

Jinkchak v2.0 —————-> http://www.wix.com/jamesbond0112358/jinkchak1

Jinkchak v2.0 will change the way people view Jinkchak (literally).

Started as a result of a joke (if you know what I mean), Jinkchak has grown into a blog with almost 2,600 pageviews, spreading its arms over the web…

Jinkchak v2.0

The New GUI of Jinkchak V2.0 can be found here: http://www.wix.com/jamesbond0112358/jinkchak1

Note: Please be patient. This wix website may take a lot of time to load. The entire site may not be visible in one frame unless your screen resolution is high (720p)

eXtreme Changes:

  • A new GUI powered by Wix.com, taking interactivity to a whole new level. (Thank you, Super Mario, for introducing me…yeah ME! to www.wix.com)
  • Now you can browse through Photos of articles by Category, using interactive Sliders.
  • Clicking on any photo leads you to an Article on WordPress.com
  • Jinkchak believes in the power of Music. That’s why the new UI comes with an in-built music player with Music by Me…yeah ME! (No copyright Laws have been violated).
  • Jinkchak has tied up with SocialVibe(TM) to support the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Initiative
  • The Jinkchak Blog on wordpress.com has a whole lot of menus, to make life a whole lot easier.
  • Jinkchak is now a Featured RVCE Blog on wordpress.com
  • Jinkchak on WordPress.com, can now be Shut Down. Try it! You’ll be surprised.

Jinkchak on WordPress

What else is new in Jinkchak v2.0?

  • In case you haven’t noticed, Jinkchak has moved to http://www.wordpress.com, due to the lack of customization in http://rvcecsb2013.blogspot.com/. Our new address is www.jinkchak.wordpress.com
  • Articles have been arranged in categories, for easy access
  • The All-New User Interface of Jinkchak features an All-New Menu system, which will be familiar to any user (with the standard Start Menu,etc)
  • A Shut Down Menu has been included. Now, you can Reboot Jinkchak; put Jinkchak to sleep; make Jinkchak hibernate; Terminate Jinkchak (You’ve got to see it to believe it)
  • The Best articles of Jinkchak are listed under the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! tab
  • The names of other projects of The 21st Century Me…yeah ME! Production Company can be found in the Start Menu
  • In a Random Mood? This calls for a Random Article, and the Random Post Button is present to satisfy your needs.

Jinkchak would have gone defunct in a few days had it not been for the constant encouragement it received from its  followers, especially Sidney Sheldon, Ruskin Bond, Happy Happy Boy, Super Mario, Akon, John Grisham, Isaac Asimov, Auto Shankar, Boss(TM), Robin Cook (you all know who you are), and others whose names I might have inadvertently forgotten to mention here.

I do hope that Jinkchak continues its tradition of keeping people of RVCE entertained for however short a duration.

This is me…yeah ME! signing off, with the words, “What is this craziness?

Greetings from Me…yeah ME!

© 2011 The 21st Century Me…yeah ME! Production Company. All rights reserved and preserved for later use.

  1. Thanks, Super Mario!!!!!

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