11/1/11 – The End….or is this just the beginning?

Posted: January 14, 2011 by Jinkchak in Jinkchak, RVCE, RVCE CSE

What’s so special about 11/1/11? Firstly, it’s a binary date, with only 1’s – or should I say, Unary Date? OK. Enough of this craziness! 11/1/11 is special because it’s the day our exams (and the 3rd semester at RVCE CSE, by implication) ended.

11/1/11. An extremely extraordinary day in the life of RVCE CSE! After two weeks of terrible torture, we (the members of RVCE CSE) can breathe a sigh of relief. Phew! What a mission!

I bet most of us have spent many a sleepless night during these strenuous two weeks. Well, I guess it’s safe to say that our worries are all over. Of course, the examination results are another matter altogether.

To celebrate this blissful occasion, the whole lot of us (you do know better than to ask what “Us” means, don’t you?) from RVCE CSE, marched along to 60¶@L@/\/ @Я¢@ð€ to watch the film, “No one killed Jessica”, and I can tell you that it wasn’t a disappointing experience. It was not at all like last semester’s reward – KITES, an unsuitable reward for the end of 2nd semester.

One of the things I learnt is, “It’s a Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad World”and things are not always as they seem. Appearances may be deceptive. People can be bought. No one’s safe. The very next guy could be a crook. But all is not lost. Sooner or later, you’ll see a ray of light and hope. Whatever happens, Justice eventually has its way! You never know what’s in store for you. I’m getting a bit too dramatic, aren’t I? I just couldn’t help it.

This true story was similar to a novel I had read a long time ago. I cannot recall the exact name, but I’m pretty sure it was a novel by….yup, you guessed it….Sidney Sheldon. This movie also enriched my Bad-Language dictionary.

I would say that its Chandini Chowk number is 30. If you’re a regular reader of Jinkchak™, then you would know that the Chandini Chowk Number is a new method of rating developed by the 21st Century Me…yeah ME! Production Company. In this scale, the lower the rating (out of 100), the better is the movie.

Anyway, it wasn’t my intention to write a movie review. So, fast forwarding to the end of the movie, we were famished. So we had a sumptuous lunch at //\\//\\ ¢ ð, and after that, we all set out in different directions, looking forward to enjoying the next two weeks of peace.

That day, I was left with a variety of thoughts. Memories of this past semester swarmed into my mind.

For one, this semester will always be remembered as the ‘era’ of the online RVCE Profiles – THE RISE OF THE PROFILES (if I may call it that). You could say that there was a boom in the RVCE Profile market.

With the success of Rvce Cse and Rvce Cse II in the summer of 2010, many other profiles joined the bandwagon, including Rvce Cse III. Even the Jinkchak™ Blog decided to get a life, and thus, Jinkchak Rvce Cse was born. After a few peaceful weeks, someone thought it was high time that a person with four personalities joined Facebook, and thus, Ghajinikanth Shivakumar Zuckerberg saw the dawn of a new…..uhmmm….morning (in the virtual world). The hunger for new profiles hadn’t died down yet. A few days later, Rajinikanth Gaikawad joined the scene – as if Rajinikanth Jokes weren’t enough already!

Now, just when everyone thought that the dust had settled down, and everything was back to normal… POOF! Rvce Leaks jumped in, without any warning. This was the real icing on the cake. Rvce Leaks was born, at a time when the founder of WikiLeaks was involved in some scandal – Really nice timing! And Rvce Leaks changed the whole perception of the RVCE Network. Some person, who prefers to remain anonymous, hacked into the network, and made valuable documents of RVCE public. How this person managed to do this is beyond me. What was even more superb was the fact that the hacker kept his own laptop as the server, from which anyone could download any file, at any time of the day. If this wasn’t enough, a new website was created for Rvce Leaks @ https://sites.google.com/site/rvceleaks/home

Alas! Due to the RVCE CSE Exams, Rvce Leaks was forced into a state of dormancy. As of Jan 11, 2010, Rvce Leaks is offline and will remain offline till further notice. And like that….POOF! He vanished into nothingness.

By this time (around the end of December, 2010), the RVCE Profile Market was saturated with IDs controlled by a number of different people. Now it was time to try out something new. The infrastructure was ready, but something was missing. Then the answer hit home. NAMES! AUTHORS! And so, from the beginning of the semester end exams, relatively well-known textbook authors started appearing out of nowhere, on Facebook.

The first pioneer to join the scene was none other than Runge Kutta – a mathematician (it was found out much later that Runge Kutta is a collective name of 2 Mathematicians) that everyone hated for the numerical method he(they) had invented.

After Runge Kutta, Carl Zvonko Hamacher thought it was high time he joined. So…..he joined. Then, it was Padma Reddy’s turn….only this time, it was a collaboration between Padma Reddy and Tenenbaum (of Data Structures fame), leading to the name, Padma Tenenbaum Reddy. By this time, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE, including Facebook) was absolutely tired of these name changes. So, there was yet another collaboration in which Donald P. Leach, Ralph P. Grimaldi and D.S.Chandra”Shaker”aiah (there’s no typo here) joined hands with Padma Tenenbaum Reddy, and rechristened it “Padma Tenenbaum Reddy (Donald Padma GrimaldiShakeraiah).

By this time, 11/1/11 had arrived, and exams were at an end. Thus, these authors lost their value; to be forgotten forever and ever (hopefully) in the ugly sands of time – especially Carl Hamacher. Hurrah!

But wait! This is not the only thing that the 3rd semester will be remembered for. In case you haven’t observed yet, there were no articles about teachers’ Proverbs this semester. Now there can only be two possible explanations. Either I was sleeping and not paying attention in class OR there really weren’t any worthwhile Proverbs to pay heed to. It’s one or the other – I don’t know which. However, if memory serves me, I do recall a few incidents that deserve some mention in this article. So, here they are.

Who can forget the Maths class in which a lecture on Z-Transforms gave way to a discussion on the correct pronunciation of the alphabet, ‘Z’, which advanced to discussions on Zee TV, Zee Kannada, Zee ________ (Insert any other language here). Why, even a few serials were talked about. Who knew that Z-Transforms could be this interesting? So interesting, that I couldn’t answer any question (related to Z-Transforms) properly, in the exam!

At another time, the same teacher (whose nickname was the name of the actress who played Sabrina Lall in “No One Killed Jessica”) thought it fit to discuss the ancient Gurukul system of teaching. The teacher listed out differences, as though she were writing an exam (so typical, ain’t it?). After a while, the lecture (I wouldn’t call it a discussion) drifted to the topic of baths – The pros and cons of bathing with cold water and bathing with hot water. Till today, I’m at a loss to explain this craziness! I remember when baths were spoken about in a different context last semester – Electrolytic baths, Kesari Bath, Vangi Bath, etc.

This semester will also be remembered for the teacher who shared a lot of “Discrete” wisdom with students, in a rather “energetic” sort of way. One of his very famous sayings went like this: “A 50-minute class is like a trip to Mysore, in a Ferrari car. You would have reached Mysore by the time you left Bangalore. For a longer journey, you need to go to Pune, because the roads are so bad that the vehicle’s wheels will fall off.”

He also had a lot of opinions on a variety of topics. For instance, he preferred Grimaldi to D.S.C (D.S.Chandra”shaker”aiah – the author), stating that, “D.S.C. just copied everything from Grimaldi.”He insisted on referring to Grimaldi, all the time, but during the last few weeks of the semester, his viewpoint changed, and thus, he was caught red-handed with a D.S.C. text book in his hands. On being asked the reason for this treachery, he replied, “These are my notes – notes that someone else wrote, and that I bought, for a mere 300 rupees…Oh wait,” he turns to the first page of the book and says, “Sorry. 260 rupees, to be exact!” – Reported by Ruskin Bond.

He went on to say that another author he was acquainted with had done the same thing, albeit in a different subject. The original (foreign) author had somehow found out, and had sued the blistering barnacle. The author lost her house, as a result. He couldn’t figure out why D.S.Chandra”shaker”aiah hadn’t been caught yet.

In another class, when he was discussing “Greatest Lower Bounds” in the chapter on “Relations and Functions”, he thought it was mighty hard for students to remember the full form of GLB. Yeah…yeah! GLB = Greatest Lower Bound. So hard to remember! OMG! I’m getting a headache. So, in a move that could be termed as the first of its kind, he said, “GLB is a prefix of the acronym GLBTQ.”

Here’s another memory that will never be forgotten. There was this other teacher, who always insisted on beginning the class only after he had written three letters on the top-left corner of the blackboard – JGD, which he underlined twice. The letters were always inclined at an angle of 45 degrees with the x-axis.

And who can forget “Drum” and her sibling, “Chotta Drum”? Other than the nicknames, I don’t know what else to say in order to improve their rapidly diminishing reputations! 😛

And CO. The most dreaded subject this semester. The real clincher was the fact that there existed two teachers of this subject, who were exact contradictions of each other. One wanted to finish the portions (but eventually couldn’t), while the other (who was know as Indrani) allowed students to do whatever they wished, in class, such as watching the movie, “American Pie”; sleeping; eating, etc.

Well, that’s all I can remember, apart from the numerous Mass Bunks…Do you have more memories? If so, please feel free to add them to this post in the comments section.

That brings me to the “Fag End” of this article. I’ve written all that I wanted to write. Most of it might seem a bit crazy, but do pardon me. I happen to be in a crazy state of mind. This could be the aftereffects of RVCE CSE Exams! Oh! Somebody stop me…yeah ME!


Adios Amigos! Happy Holidays!


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Me…yeah ME!

  1. bsv0099 says:

    Superb article, godfather 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    The incomplete records completed in CO classes
    the Kannada sangha fest
    the threat of cancellation of CO quiz
    The data structures using ALGORITHMS
    the funny entertaining and sometimes boring seminars
    The spat with MUchikel (BS remembers this best…:P)
    The witty DMS sir….
    the list is vey big….

  3. Anonymous says:

    @bsv099 : Thanks, old aka new Godfather.

    @Anonymous: Firstly, who are you? Secondly, you have a lot of memories. Why don't I make you a member and you can write down all that, since I'm not very familiar with the events you've mentioned, especially the “Data structures with ALGORITHMS”.

    Greetings from Super Mario!

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