One Afternoon @ the Exam Centre

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I’m sitting in an examination hall of RVCE CSE, a non-functional calculator in my left hand and a blue ball pen in my right. The Computer Organization (CO) <Or, if you want, Replace CO with any other subject> question papers are being distributed by an invigilator, who has a look of vehemence in her eyes.

A drop of sweat breaks on my forehead. I start hallucinating. Thoughts of “The Social Network(2010)”, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(2010)”, “The Adventures of Tintin(2011)” and “Rockstar(2011)<Insert the names of any other movies here, if you want> start taking form in my mind. My mind is in a total state of confusion.

I see the teacher approaching me with the question paper.

Finally, the moment of doom arrives. I grasp the paper in my hand, and look at both sides of the sheet. I open my blue book (Yes, that silly answer booklet that we all hate) to begin answering. The pen’s nib makes contact with the first blank sheet of my blue book. But everything comes to a standstill. The truth is revealed. I don’t know the answer to even a single question out of 5. And the worst part of all – I can’t even eliminate questions I don’t like – No choices. Wow…. Just imagine the state I was in.

So, the next question that pops into my mind is, “How do I spend one and a half hours in this silly exam hall?”

At least this question is not as tough as all the questions in the CO paper I’m holding in my hand. After a few seconds, a bulb lights up in some small corner of my brain (I wonder why this never occurs at other times). The solution is clear, and it ensured that my stay in the exam hall for the remaining time was anything but a disaster…

So, what did I do? I started observing everyone – yeah EVERYONE in this exam hall. After all, what else could I do? I was completely idle, and they say that “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop…” – So, I had to keep my mind occupied….and well, you get the picture!

After making careful observations during the remaining time, I can safely say that I drew a lot of conclusions, one of which was that there are many types of students in an examination hall.

The first kind are those who just don’t lift their heads, but continuously fill up their answer booklets with ink for 1.5 hours, without taking any breaks in between, and with absolutely No emotions or expressions on their faces. (Saraswati mateya vara putraru)

Next: There are some students who always ask the teacher (invigilator) after every 15 minutes, “How much time is left?”, after which a discussion similar to the following discussion ensues:

Teacher: 30 minutes……
(The student looks down at his/her watch)
Student: 30 minutesaaaa…..
(The invigilator smiles and nods his/her head)
Teacher: Yeah……
(After 15 minutes… the story repeats, sort of like a looping statement…..)
Student: How much time left….?
(You expect the teacher to say 15 minutes …. But…)
Teacher: 10 minutes…..
(The student looks at his/her watch)
Student: 10 minutesaaaa …..
(The invigilator smiles and nods his/her head)
Teacher: Yeah…….

From the above situation, I can state my theory (or law – call it whatever you wish) which states that :

“Whatever may be the make of the wrist watch a student is wearing and irrespective of the quality of its battery – In any examination hall of RVCE(or Rvce Cse),there is every chance of a student’s watch slowing down OR the teacher’s watch getting faster.” – It’s all a matter of Relativity.

Anyway, I’m drifting. Where was I? Oh yes! I was telling you about the different categories of students in the examination hall.

Now, let me tell you about the third category of students. They write seriously, just like the first group. But they differ from the first category in one aspect: If, by any chance of fortune or misfortune, you happen to fall in their line of sight and smile, then they’ll immediately notice you and smile for a long time……and during this time, the following question might pop into your mind like popcorn, “Are these people writing an examination or observing your Colgate smile?” 🙂

The fourth category of people are the most “talented” people of all, and in all probability, practice all styles of neck-rotation and eye-rotation exercises daily – You could say that they are masters of the art by now. Now anything anyone does has a reason, right? Even these “talented” people have an ulterior motive for perfecting this art. They do this, so that their chances of perceiving the answers of the students sitting anywhere adjacent to them, becomes higher. Some even manage to catch glimpses of the answers of students situated two or three benches ahead of them or behind them. How they manage to do this is a question I think only they will be able to answer perfectly well!

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: “Don’t think that gals do not fall under this category.” – You’d be astonished to know the truth.
Now, let’s look at the fifth category of students. They are the ones who have already decided that they will spend only 30 minutes in the exam hall. You’ll also find them looking around, observing everyone in the hall. After 30 minutes have passed by, these people submit their answer booklets and leave happily with the expression of satisfaction and joy on their faces!!!

One particularly notable fact: You might have noticed that I used the term “30 minutes” – nothing more, nothing less. And it’s true. Believe it or not, it’s not an approximation. Perhaps, these people keep a (biological, mechanical, digital, etc) alarm to remind them about when they should make their departure OR it could just be because one of the rules of the exam states that no one can leave the exam hall before 30 minutes from the time of commencement.

Now, let’s look at the sixth category of students. They are almost like those in the first category but they are so engrossed in their work that, by the time the test concludes, they would have completely fallen face-down on their desks. – A clear indication of their close relation with their answer booklets!!!

Finally, it’s time to talk about the last category of students. This category (not surprisingly) includes students (like me…yeah ME!) who have no other better work to do than to observe students belonging to the 6 other categories.

There might be many more categories and specimens, and I’m sorry if I’ve inadvertently forgotten to mention them here…… but 1.5 hrs is too short a time for a thorough observation.

Somehow I spent one and a half hrs time observing almost everyone, and writing my own theories in my blue book!!! But it was time well-spent!

So, which category do you fall in?

(“Nodi swami, naavu iruvude hege”)

A Small Update: As of 2011 AD, Blue Books in RVCE aren’t blue anymore….they’re white.

Written by

The Old AKA New Godfather

(A pinch of masala added by Me…yeah ME!, with the permission of The Old AKA New Godfather, of course)

All Disputes subject to RVCE Jurisdiction Only
  1. Anonymous says:

    awesome 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    How much do you earn from adsense? :p

  3. @anonymous 1 : Thank you.

    @anonymous 2: Adsense?! Never thought about it, but that's a good idea. Maybe Jinkchak should go commercial. How's the idea? 😛

  4. B S Prateek says:

    Really nice post….Btw I added you on my blogroll

  5. Anonymous says:

    superb.. i spent time exactly like this in my m3 internal today…

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