A Moment To Remember : Mass Bunk

Posted: October 30, 2010 by Jinkchak in Jinkchak, RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories

Date: October 30th, 2010 AD
Venue: Area in and around RVCE CSE, RVCE, Bangalore
Mission Objective: Mass Bunk

Well, it’s been ages since I posted something on Jinkchak™. But let’s not crib about that, ‘cause I’m back. So, what’s been happening since my last update? Now, let me see. Ah, yes! QUIZZES! TESTS! QUIZZES and more QUIZZES! If you ever are in need of quizzes and tests, you’ll find that RVCE CSE is the best place to satisfy your hunger.

But I didn’t come here to rant and rave about quizzes and tests. I am here to relate to you an incident. It all began on the afternoon of 30th October, 2010 AD. What makes 30th October special? For one, it’s the day the second set of quizzes ended. This day was the day on which everyone in RVCE CSE could breathe a healthy sigh of relief, after being stressed throughout the week. And most of all, it was the day on which a “Mass-Bunk” was successful.

At around half-past two on the afternoon of 30th October, 2010 AD, most of the students of RVCE CSE B could be seen outside the department. That’s right – OUTSIDE the department, when they should have been in class, listening to a “brilliant” lecture by the Don of all lecturers – PD (The CO Teacher).

But the story doesn’t end here. There’s still more left. Some people had made up their minds only partially. It was all a matter of choosing between two evils – attending CO class and bunking CO class. “To attend or not to attend – That was the question! “

Around fifteen minutes passed by, during which students tried their utmost best to figure out the lesser of the two evils. No one wanted things to end up the way it had for a 7th semester class. After numerous rounds of “entertaining” discussions, it was finally decided that someone should go and inform the respective teachers (i.e., the CO Teacher as well as the DSC Teacher (JGD), whose class was later that afternoon) that no one was willing to attend class.

Finally, a group of students (whose names I won’t mention here, for obvious reasons), undertook the task of convincing the teachers that the rest of the students had left for their hometowns to celebrate Diwali.

Aren’t you curious about what was actually going on inside the department? What I am going to write below is an account given to me by a reliable source. At 1425 hours, PD climbed the steps to the B-section classroom on the second floor, with a text book and a duster in her right hand. On finding our classroom dark, she peeked into it slowly. She was “greeted” by an EMPTY classroom. But this wasn’t unusual, since we usually shift to different classrooms – thanks to the ViewSonic™ projector. So, she continued walking to the new building, up to the classroom we usually occupy.

Everything seemed awfully quiet here. It was kind of eerie. A huge, brown cockroach scurried away. The sound of a door being shut could be heard in the distance.

PD suspected that something was amiss, but wasn’t able to point out what it was. A cool draught went past. She climbed down the flight of stairs leading to Room 214. There was no sound of chattering voices. She reached the door of that room, and pushed it open. Except for a rotating fan, there wasn’t any other movement in that room – in fact, there was no other living object in sight. What she felt when she was confronted by this scene is something that cannot be described by words. A draught entered the room and turned the pages of her register, making her drop her duster.

Now was the time to panic. Questions started running through her head, in a random order. “Where are they?” “How can they disappear?” “Is this really happening?” “How will I complete the portions? If I don’t complete the portions, all the girls will start complaining.”

“Ok. Maybe they’re in some other classroom,” she thought to herself, the last trace of hope still lingering in her mind.

She moved to Room 215 and kicked the door open. Room 216…217…2xx (∀x, 0 ≤ x ≤ 9, x ∈ Z). But it was no use. Wherever she looked, there was no trace of any “RVCE CSE B” student.

“Maybe they’re hiding in the elevator shaft,” she thought. She looked down the elevator shaft, but was only greeted by darkness, and a bit of dizziness.

She immediately looked away. She had looked in every room on the second floor, when an idea flashed into her head. She went to the second floor of the old building again, where all this had begun. She darted to the RVCE CSE C classroom, adjacent to the B section classroom. There were only a few students in that classroom. She caught one of them by the scruff of his neck and asked, “Where are they? Where are they?”

“Who?!” asked the bewildered victim of PD’s anger.

“The RVCE CSE B students. Where are they? Where are they hiding?” she replied, her eyes welling up with fire.

“Ma’am. I don’t know. I really don’t know,” the victim blurted out. By now, he had figured out that a Mass-Bunk was in progress.

“Then why don’t you go and search for them?” hissed PD.

“Yes Ma’am. I will do anything you say,” said the victim, terrified out of his wits.

PD let go of him and he got to his feet. He already knew what the outcome of his search would be. But he continued searching anyway. He searched all the rooms on the second floor, then the first floor, then the ground floor and even the terrace. But he couldn’t find a sign of anyone who bore even a slight resemblance to RVCE CSE B. After 15 minutes, he returned to PD and informed her of the same. She was highly disappointed and, in a fit of fury, stormed off to her room.

What follows now is an account given to me by an unreliable source.

She had been brooding over things for around five minutes, with a pen and paper on her desk, when, all of a sudden, she heard footsteps near the entrance of the staff room. She heard a few whispering voices. There was a knock on the door leading to her staff room.

The team of students had arrived. She stared at them, unable to figure out where they had come from. She asked them to enter.

“Please be seated,” she requested, which was quite unlike her, considering how she always made people stand in class. Even the students were shocked, but complied.

What words were exchanged between the two parties is left to speculation, due to lack of data and evidence. The methods of persuasion they used are yet to be found out. But whatever it was that happened, one thing’s for certain. PD sanctioned our mass-bunk – as of now. Hopefully, the tides won’t change their course in the future. Hope is all we have left! If this ever reaches the HOD’s ears, God knows what will happen….

Meanwhile, the scenario outside the department was free of all tension whatsoever. Loads of group photos were taken to mark this memorable occasion – some of which will be uploaded to Facebook™ by the time this article is published.

Anyway, by 1500 hours, the long wait was over. The team of students that had entered the department with anticipation, now emerged with victory written all over their faces.

The students of RVCE CSE B dispersed, with joy and hope in their hearts, satisfied with the fact that their mission had been accomplished.

I, for one, was particularly happy with the fact that this incident provided me with something to write about….A moment to remember, if you know what I mean. \(^_^)/


Written By

Me…yeah ME!

A part of RVCE Chronicles

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    Nice work

  2. Anonymous says:

    can io use this photo in a facebook community page about mass bunk? Plz contact soon if your answe is yes to akash_fairdeal@yahoo.com

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