One more day!

Posted: August 31, 2010 by Jinkchak in Jinkchak, RVCE, RVCE CSE

Disclaimer: This article wasn’t written by Me…yeah ME!


It was like any other morning for me. Getting up late heading upstairs to see the facebook updates and planning what movies to download and watch today until my mother reminded me that tomorrow is the day when the torture begins again. Yes it is college reopening time and I’m not as exited as I was a year back. I still remember the exitement in the air when I first went to RVCE as a student for the first time. Random thoughts in mind about the whole new life I had gifted myself after all the slogging I had done in the PU. The urge to meet and make new friends. The fire in the belly about the infamous ragging which eventually never happened and the wish to see more chicks (remember I studied in MESKK where the term chick had no meaning.)

One year has passed by and I no longer have the same enthusiasm about the college exept the fact that I want to see whether 2nd year lecturers can be more funny and exiting as the first year lecturers(To name a few :Jinkchak, AHM, holy esquare, pedddee ).

Not to forget the longing to meet the out of town friends.But even after combining all this it doesnt equal the urge I had to go to college a year back.

I know it is going to be the same college bus with the in-built window orchestra and the same quizes and tests which come back to back and the boring classes and the same old browsing centre with the same browsing restrictions.The same ID card checks and the same canteen with no change in its menu but for the prices in it and the same nerds around you.

But somewhere in some corner of the heart I still have the zeal to go to college because of the small things that have made the previous year a memorable one.

I may sound very philosophical but the fact is that Life is all about rejoicing all those small moments which come along rather than cribbing about what you didn’t get.

So I go to college tomorrow with the hope to make this year even more memorable and even more hillareous and even more sparkling.

Hope all you guys around do the same. Reminds me of this fantastic song

By Super Mario

(Put up with his permission, of course)

  1. vaishakh says:

    nice to see this post continue in version 2.0!

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