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The ” diary” of Mr Praveen Hall ……

Introduction :

Our NEWS reporter recently had been on a picnic to Kerala …… as a part of his picnic plan , he visited Trivandrum , which is a beautiful sea side city ( not garbage city ) built over seven hills . On his way to Trivandrum beach , he met a person who resembled “” …….. suddenly our reporter guessed him to be ” Mr. pH” ……. so he went up to him …….. here goes their conversation …..

( These conversations were reported by a spy sent by our NEWS team ….. his name can’t be disclosed due to security reasons ….. but you can call him “Donald Duck” which is his nickname …. )

Reporter : Naa fanski …..
Person : Naa funski ……
Reporter : how r u … yea u ?
Person : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

[PS : This is a ” secret code confirmation ” in JINKCHAK ( or in NEWS …. author has left it to the readers wish…….) and now its changed …… ha-ha ]

[ Our reporter confirmed , that the stranger was none other than ” Mr pH” ( for newbies refer episode 3 ,4 of NEWS ) ]

Mr pH : I heartily welcome you to my residence ….
Reporter : sure ….. yea sure

( Reporter goes to Mr pH’s home in the evening and he observes an old “diary ” on the writing table of Mr pH …….. reporter also being an intelligent “robber” , steals that diary without giving any clues to Mr pH , before leaving his place )

Brief description of contents of Mr pH’s “diary” :

( PS : an unreliable source reports that Mr pH use to write his “diary” with a REYNOLDS pen only …… see the pic )

My lovely, beautiful, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious diary ,

I consider u ….. yea u as my close friend …… before proceeding , let me introduce myself …..

Name : Praveen Hall, inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal

Date of birth : 29-13-****

( PS : 1>The year of birth is “censored” due to security reasons …….
2> EXPERTS feel that month no 13 is astonishing !!!! )
3>astrologers are now busy in naming the “thirteenth” month )

Place of birth: Trivandrum , Kerala

Qualification : No formal school education ……. direct entry to “Tantrik university” similar to Harry Potter(TM) joining ” Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” 🙂

Knowledge : Expert in witchcraft and blackmagic, white, red, purple magic …..

Areas of interest :
1> not interested in c or c++ programming

2> very much passionate in destroying people , organisation through blackmagic , witchcraft etc 🙂

Major achievements :

1> with the help of my magical powers , I now resemble “ “

2>I have pleased Mr Robert Ludlum ( chief board of director of JINKCHAK ) through my appearance ….. yea appearance . He being an “ignorant dumb fellow ” has appointed me as the “publicity manager” of JINKCHAK [ for newbies refer episode -3 of NEWS ]

3> I was solely responsible for the incident of “Mr Mario being caught by traffic cops “

4> “Mr me … yea me” was my main rival in JINKCHAK …… so i started troubling him through my magical powers …… as a result of which , he is now suffering from ” continuous stress at spinal cord “

Minor achievements :

1> For the” back pain ” problem, doctors of “Mr me .. yea me ” adviced him to join “karate class” conducted by a ” black belt expert ” which was supposed to be held in the grounds in front of JINKCHAK’S office ……. knowing this , i recommended Mr Ludlum to abandon this “karate class ” and he did accordingly …… 🙂

[ our reporter couldn’t recognise the name of the ” the black belt expert” as it was scribbled ……. ]

2> I started blackmailing Mr Sachin and Mr Vinay and made them to join facebook 🙂

3> I hypnotised Mr. P. Kumar …. as a result of which he is posing himself to be “Soorya” and changed his dp to the “soorya” pic. This is the fifth time he has changed his dp.

Employment : Now working as a “publicity manager” in JINKCHAK in telangana

Best friends : You ( “diary ” ) and “Mr Robin Cook ” ( my 19th cousin )

( ps: there was no awareness …. Yea awareness among the people regarding family planning in those days )

( Mr pH owns the “copy rights” of the other pages of his ” diary “and hence it would be illegal to publish any more posts …….. but, who cares?!)

Stay ” tuned ” for further posts in the future….

Until then adieu ….. 🙂


a> My gratitude to MR ME …. YEAH ME who gave me a lot of valuable ideas ….

b> The name of the reporter can’t be disclosed due to the “personal request” made by him

c> Any disputes regarding ” copy left violation” are subjected to TANTRIK UNIVERSITY JURISDICTION only 🙂


  1. Anonymous says:

    Naa fanski

  2. Anonymous says:

    naa funski

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