The Chronicles of RVCE – Episode 3

Posted: June 6, 2010 by Jinkchak in RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories
The Grand Finale


Date : June *, 2010

Place : RVCE, Bangalore

Today was one of those days that’s worth remembering and so, it finds a place in the CHRONICLES OF RVCE.

Our first year ended on a brilliant note at **** hours today. (I’m writing only from my point of view. This may or may not be applicable to you all) .This occasion certainly deserves some celebration. Wondering why? It’s because today I had the final Chemistry lab in my life (I’m still keeping my fingers crossed).

The lab began late (as usual) because the external examiner took his own sweet time to reach the lab. And to top it all and make it spicier, the internal examiner was none other than ………..wait for it……..RM….yeah RM…it is….yeah IS!

I wonder if you’ll believe me when I tell you that RM wasn’t his usual self today. Sure, he kept on smiling at every single thing, kept ending sentences with “hehehehe….hmmmmm”, and maintained his famous eye-contact thingy with everyone but, for the first time in the history of all weird things that have happened in RV, he didn’t use these two words: “IT IS”!! And there was no lecture on Psychology. Is this a bad omen or something? Angels and ministers of grace, protect us all! Alas, we know not what shall befall us!

The next weird thing RM did, was smile at me and say, “hehehe…hmmm” when he saw me taking Éclairs ™ from the plate kept near the feedback form box. Really, really weird, if you ask me!

Now, about the external examiner! He was a pretty nice person. His main interest was reading the morning Kannada paper. Even while taking my viva, he couldn’t keep his eyes off the headlines! Fantastic, just fantastic! Just hope everything turns out alright…

I know I’m writing too much, but I’m filled with joy at the moment and my thoughts are flowing just like the water that flows in the river behind our college. So, please bear with me!

Anyway, after that entire hullabaloo, two friends and I set out to RR Nagar to eat at Domino’s. Just for the records, let’s say I’m Me…yeah ME!, the friend who came up with this idea is Robin Cook and the other is John Grisham (Sorry, I couldn’t think of better aliases).We had never entered RR Nagar before, and we were quite surprised by its vastness. We were all under the impression (for no rhyme or reason) that this town is very small. We may be wrong, but eyes seldom lie…

So, we passed the arch and we walked….and walked….and walked….and walked…and…..yeah, we walked until Robin, screamed with glee, “Oh, there it is,” pointing at a blue sign. We moved up closer only to find that it was a BATA showroom. No food there! So, the 3 idiots continued on their long expedition (if it can be called one) . Finally, when all chances of succeeding were diminishing just like the Sun’s rays which were getting covered by rain-bearing clouds, our goal popped up right in front of our very eyes – yes, the blue sign. This time it was the real thing. We ran like people who were going to die from starvation, entered the joint which had ACs and ordered our pizzas. We never knew that we were in for a long wait. Nevertheless, we waited…and we waited….and waited…and…yeah, we waited, and finally the delicious aroma of a veggie pizza reached us. Unfortunately, that was meant for Robin. John and I eyed the pizza with concealed envy, our mouths salivating like dogs. After waiting for another five minutes, our non-veg pizzas turned up. John and I grabbed the pizzas and ate it up as if we had never seen food before in our lives. We had been quite famished!

After a wonderful meal, we left. Rather, we were forced to leave Domino’s, as there was a power went off and so did the ACs. We went out to the road and started walking in the scorching heat. We reached a junction which branched into four paths. Suddenly Robin got the dumb idea of applying the “Eeny meeny miny moe” logic to this problem. So, we chose the leftmost path. At first, it seemed like the best decision. But later, I found out that I was mistaken. This path was covered with lots of trees, there was a park nearby and the houses looked like castles out of a fairy tale. This area had a certain tranquility about it – a thing you rarely find nowadays. It had been a really long time since any of us had had the freedom of walking in the middle of the road without a care in the world. Everything would have been just fine if I hadn’t been looking upwards and admiring the castles. The next thing I knew I had stepped into a pile of crap on the footpath, left behind by some jobless cow with no other better work to do. I spent the rest of the journey trying to scrape the remnants from my shoe, while Robin and John kept laughing all the way – a very STINKY end to our journey. Oh, my poor shoe! Wonder how it bore all this…

After walking…and walking…and walking…we finally spotted the main road. Guess we had used up all the energy that had been provided by the pizzas, for we were all feeling exhausted. Guess we did a lot of waiting and walking today…but today’s a day I’ll always remember…

That’s it, folks! What more do you want to read? We reached the bus stop and headed for home. Luckily, we weren’t caught in the rain that ensued later. And so ended our celebration for finishing our first year at RVCE…Everything ended on a good note, though I can’t be sure if I’ll have the same opinion on June 8th

Happy holidays!

Greetings from

Me…yeah ME!

**Please do not try to trace the authors of the articles in Jinkchak. Their identities are highly confidential.

****The time at which we finished our practicals is censored for obvious reasons…

  1. Jay7 says:

    do not trace the identities!!! i know who all went…ha ha ha….:D

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