Taken : TAKE it or leave it!

Posted: June 3, 2010 by Jinkchak in Short Stories

I recently saw this movie TAKEN. I’ll tell u the story in brief:

There is a family but the father lives separately since the mother thinks he TAKES(devotes) more time to serve the police(some special force).His daughter along with her friend TAKES off to Paris even if his TAKE(opinion) is negative.

At the airport a stranger named peter TAKES their photo and they TAKE a cab together to some hotel. He then TAKES out his phone and informs someone that 2 girls have landed. Soon her friend is TAKEN by some strong goons (they needn’t have to be strong). The dad TAKES a call from his daughter. She tells him what she saw. He asks her to stay calm. He TAKES out a voice recorder and records the voices on the phone. She shouts out the appearance of the goons before she is TAKEN. One of them speaks to the dad and only says “good luck”.

The dad then TAKES off to Paris. He finds out that he only has a 96-hour time frame to ‘never finding her again’. He does many breath TAKE ing(don’t mind the spelling mistake) stunts to reach his daughter. He TAKES down all the goons and TAKES his daughter back home.

This film has TAKEN away(received) some international award. I’m sorry I don’t know which one……..

I TAKE it that you will watch it……………

Ok bye…enjoy your holidays and TAKE care!

Another interesting take is that the word TAKE has so many meanings-refer the dictionary.

Yours truly,

Jeffrey Archer.

**A message TAKEN from Mr. Me…yeah ME: “Please make way for the newest member of our gang – Mr. Jeffrey Archer, who has TAKEN us all by surprise! This article was written in its entirety by Jeff and was TAKEN by me and posted here.”

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