The Chronicles of RVCE

Posted: June 1, 2010 by Jinkchak in RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories

Finally, our semester and consequently, our first year (albeit not exactly) at RVCE is at an end (for some, almost would be more appropriate) ! And what a year it’s been! I still find it hard to believe that one year has gone past so quickly. But it has…and there’s nothing I can do about, though I can say that my mind is filled with memories – both good as well as bad! For me, the most memorable day would be the day this blog began!

I wasn’t in any particular mood to write an article today…. Just thought I’d publish some articles that were found in the diaries of a chap called Sidney Sheldon. Actually, these articles had been originally posted on the Google Buzz account of this id. Similar articles will henceforth be published under the banner of “The Chronicles of RVCE”.

Post 1 : Sorry, this class is currently unavailable!

Date : 1430 hours, Thursday, April 10, 2010 AD

Place : RVCE Campus, Bangalore.

You may not believe it but I’ll tell you anyway…We were supposed to have a special class in chemistry today but, unfortunately (or fortunately – totally depends on your point of view), the class was cancelled. And you know what the reason was?

No, no…we didn’t try to mass bunk.

And no, it was not due to the lack of students – in fact, you’d be surprised to know that a lot of students turned up….

I’ll bet you still haven’t guessed it yet….

Give up….?

Well, the class was cancelled due to the NON-AVAILABILITY OF A CLASSROOM….

I’m not lying….

I still can’t stop laughing my head off….

Fortune surely favours us…..

Notes from Me…yeah ME : You must have figured out by now that the teacher who had planned to take this class was none other than Jinkchak, the source of inspiration for this blog, the title of which happens to be his namesake!

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