RM’s Proverbs

Posted: May 1, 2010 by Jinkchak in Jinkchak, RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories

Hello folks, (it is). I’m back and this time, you will learn something about Mr. RM (it is). Here’s a brief biography of him (it is).

If you’re wondering what the initials stand for, here it is : RM = Radio Mirchi. Well, that’s the only expansion I remember (it is). Sorry, but I’ve forgotten the actual expansion (it is). Please check the RVCE website if you really really need to know the actual expansion (it is).

Scratching your head in sheer bewilderment, wondering what’s wrong with me and why I’m ending each sentence with ‘it is’? Well, that’s what RM is most popular for. He has a most annoying habit of ending his sentences with ‘it is’. The only time he doesn’t end his sentences with ‘it is’ is when the word ‘also’ is present in that sentence (also).

RM is a lecturer of the chemistry department of RVCE. On first glance, he would strike you as being just another ordinary lecturer. But don’t be deceived because inside that cranium of his lurks a brain that is saturated with stuff about chemistry as well as Psychology (or so I heard). If you are a student of his, he makes it a point to drill it into your head that he has a degree in Psychology. Here are his words : “I am a student of Psychology besides being one of Chemistry. So you must be very careful of me. Even if there are 60 students in the class, I can maintain eye contact with every person, and I will know what each one is upto (it is).” (Please note, he never changes that number. Perhaps his Psychology teacher once said something like this to him : Thou shalt not have to teach more than sixty students at a time). Well, it’s up to you whether you decide to believe him or not. Truth be told, I don’t! He even told us once that he thinks he is the only teacher who has correctly devised a novel method of teaching, in which he has combined both Psychology as well as Chemistry to form ‘PSYCHOCHEMISTRY’ (it is).

If you are a student of his, he will tell you, at least once, that he knows all the syllabi of all classes from 8th standard to 12th standard, be it the state syllabi or the national syllabi. He also makes it a point to refer to 11th and 12th grades as “plus 1 as well as plus 2 it is”. If he is teaching you anything related to what you learnt in your lower classes, he will always say this : “I think….aaaa….you studied this in your plus 1 as well as plus 2 level, I think (it is)…hmmmm….hmmmmm????”.

If he encounters a question that has been appearing repeatedly in the past examinations, he uses the following sentence to convey the same : “In the last 3 years, I have observed, in my view it is, the questions are in the same fashion it is”.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention this! During any lecture, you’ll never find him standing in one place. He is always on the move, usually with his left hand behind his back. So forget about the idea of sleeping in class, as you would in Jinkchak’s class. In RM’s class, it is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

He has a habit of always throwing questions at his students in all his encounters with them. After every question, he increases his pace as he moves from one part of the class to the other. While he awaits a reply from some student, he says this : “Anyone (low pitch)…Anybody(high pitch)….hmmmmmm (low pitch)……hmmmm(high pitch, greater loudness)….any idea?(high pitch).….hehehehehe….,” says he, in a really excited tone, while he maintains eye contact with all the sixty students in the class. “Any idea?….hmmmm….I just now mentioned, no? I think 10 years before, in your plus 1 as well as plus 2 level it is…..blah blah blah…..it is”

Well, now I hope you’ve gotten a slight idea of what he’s like.

Here are some words of wisdom (or Proverbs) that were bestowed upon us yesterday, during RM’s discussion on Nano Sciences :

· “Nana Sciences is a concept of Physics as well as Chemistry, it is”

· “It is the advanced technology. It deals with synthesis of “NANA PATEKAR” (1 nanameter to 100 nanameter), processing of NANA PATEKARS and their applications….hehehehehe…..” For people who didn’t get it, NANO=NANA and PATEKAR=PARTICLE.

· “I think…..aaaaa…..in my view…..aaaa…..it is……it is…..”

· “Hello, hello, I’m not talking to the wall here.” – said to nobody in particular.

· At the end of the class, he began a discussion about the UPSC exam, and he said, “I am very interested in the IAS and IFS it is. In my view,…”. By the way, his discussion about the UPSC exam turned out to be a ten-minute lecture.

· “Bridge requires more strength also it is ….. aaaa…..hello….it is”

The following event occurred a few weeks ago when RM began his discussion on solar energy. In an attempt to create an eerie environment, he told us that at this time every year, when he teaches his students about solar energy, an article about the same appears mysteriously in regional as well as other newspapers (it is), after which he added his characteristic “hehehehehe….(it is).” It took a considerable effort on my part to keep a straight face while he continued his discussion till the end of the class!

A word of advice here. If you have nothing better to do, attend RM’s class. Mind you, if completion of your records is in your agenda, do not attend his class, as he will constantly glare at you with his highly penetrating stare (which would put even Cyclops to shame) which will surely unnerve you. And if you feel his way of talking is hilarious, try to control your laughter!

RM’s classes are diametrically opposite to that of Jinkchak’s. While Jinkchak’s classes are a good cure for insomnia, RM’s classes are a fantastic remedy for those who have taken sleeping pills by mistake or attended Jinkchak’s class by mistake! With RM’s constant eye contact, his voice and his constant movement about the class, you can be assured that you WILL stay awake till the end of his class!

Written by

Robert Ludlum in collaboration with Sidney Sheldon, it is, Alistair McLean, it is, J K Rowling, it is, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it is, Dan Brown, it is, John Grisham, it is, Robin Cook, it is, Ayn Rand and a whole lot of other people, it is. Also, this article couldn’t have been written without RM being the way he is. We are very grateful to RM (it is).

Stay “tune”d for the article on BEL Proverbs, it is.


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  2. […] and whom should I bump into but RM (Radio Mirchi), whose detailed description can be found here: RM’s Proverbs. He established eye contact with his penetrating gaze, smiled and nodded his head at me, and just […]

  3. […] and whom should I bump into but RM (Radio Mirchi), whose detailed description can be found here: RM’s Proverbs. He established eye contact with his penetrating gaze, smiled and nodded his head at me, and just […]

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