Jinkchak’s Proverbs

Posted: April 30, 2010 by Jinkchak in Jinkchak, RVCE, RVCE CSE, Short Stories

Since we’ve almost reached the end of this semester, it is imperative that a record of all words of wisdom bestowed on us by our RVCE teachers be maintained.So here’s my first attempt at this feat.Hope you like it…

For those not acquainted with the term Jinkchak,it is the nickname given to a teacher of the chemistry department of RVCE, for reasons best kept unknown.No doubt, you will be able to figure out who he is.

Firstly, this article wouldn’t be complete without a brief description of this person.

Jinkchak is the best remedy for all your problems related to insomnia. Just attend his class, and you will wonder why sleeping pills were ever required. He loves to be fashionable, and can always be seen wearing Power™ shoes.

He also obtains a vicarious sense of pleasure by banging the duster by the side of the blackboard, creating a cloud of chalk dust in the air. It is his habit to carry out this activity before beginning a discussion (He prefers to call his lectures as discussions. I’ve never heard him make use of the word “Lecture”).

He prides himself on his vast lexicon of the English Language and uses any kind of metaphor, similie (you name it) in his discussions in the subject of Chemistry.

He is very insistent on punctuality, though this is only applicable to everyone other than himself. His students will tell you that every offender of this rule will be greeted by his firm “NO”!

Lastly, Jinkchak is often the subject of drawings, where he is often cast in the role of Mickey Mouse. I must add that he is one of the few teachers who likes his subject and knows something about it (unlike others), but for reasons I cannot fathom, very few of his students share the same enthusiasm (Please note, I do not belong to that category). I kind of feel sorry for him. Well, that’s about it. I can tell you a lot of things about him, but to truly get to know what he’s like, attend his classes. If you don’t find his dialogues funny, you’ll at least get some sleep. Just be sure to bring a pillow along, and maybe even a mattress! 🙂

Here are some of the dialogues he uses in his classes. They are not arranged in any specific order.

·“This question is open for discussion” and “I put this question to the class” – said by Jinkchak when he suddenly comes up with a question he’s sure nobody can answer.

·“This is a celebrated reasoning question” – says Jinkchak, with a broad smile spread across his face, when he tells the class about a question that is most likely to appear in the exam.

·“Conditions apply.” – told by Jinkchak when he was discussing something about electrolysis.

·“No discrimination as far as electrons are concerned” – makes you wonder if he is teaching social science or chemistry, doesn’t it?

·“Spell out the mechanism” – Flashy words by Jinkchak.

·“Lead is a tough customer” – Words of wisdom uttered by a grinning Jinkchak

·“I have much more experience than your age” – told by Jinkchak when he caught someone studying secretly for the BEL quiz.

·“BEL is the Battle of Waterloo”– Jinkchak’s wise opinion about Basic Electronics Engineering, though I fail to grasp the meaning of this statement.

·“A five mark question can be drawn out” – A complex version of something simple.

·“The dust or the rrrrrust” – said in a Bugs Bunny accent.

·Whenever he wishes to discuss anything at the end of the class, he uses this dialogue : “We will have a discussion at the FAG end of this class– You are entitled to have your own opinion about this statement.

·Whenever he’s distracted by someone in the class, this dialogue is often used : “If this is the case then….”

·In the lab : “You, what experiment did you get?” “Sir, Photometry”“You idiot, it is flame photometry, not photometry.”(No comments)

·In the class, after he completely lost control of his temper : “Idiot, you deserve it and you know it. You know your position in the second semester. I want you to know your level, then talk to me”. The victim of his outburst of fury was none other than the person known as Nityananda (any resemblance of this person to any real character, living or dead, is purely coincidental).

·This dialogue finds its way in every single discussion of his : “I made a mention of (add some term related to chemistry here)”

·In the lab during the viva session : “Take 10 seconds and answer my question. Instantaneous answers will not be entertained”

·“Under these headlines, it’s easy to remove” – reported by Jinkchak, in a discussion about some impurities.

·In the lab during the viva session : “This is an eye opener. You’ll know where you stand in this viva”

·In a discussion about electrolytic baths : “I’ve given the best possible bath” to which the person popularly known as HOTE added, as an aside : “Nickel bath, sulphate bath, vangi bath, Kesari Bath, Chow Chow bath, etc.”

·“Unplanned Electroplating is similar to a person who chews and spits the metal into the bath” – Jinkchak’s analogy on Electroplating.

·“NO!” – to anyone who is late to class (or more than fifteen minutes late to the class, in case it is the first class of the day)

That’s about it. Feel free to add anymore proverbs, if necessary.

In conclusion, I would say this class is like no other I’ve ever attended. I’m almost unhappy because I won’t be having any more classes of Jinkchak’s in the future. I will really miss them!!!


Written by

Robert Ludlum in collaboration with Sidney Sheldon, Alistair McLean, J K Rowling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,Dan Brown, John Grisham, Robin Cook, Ayn Rand and a whole lot of other people. This article couldn’t have been written without Jinkchak being the way he is! We are very grateful to Jinkchak.

Stay “tune”d for more Proverbs that will be published here in the not too distant future…

Until then, Adios Amigos.

  1. vaishakhbn says:

    simply superb!!!!

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    May his soul rest in peace .

  3. Thanks a lot, Morpheus! 🙂

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